LOL.. almost wanted to sell the busa.. and it was MY FAULT!


So I had set up my suspension half-assed but kinda good according to the Jinkster thread.

Im 188... So what I did is set it up for the 240 lb rider he reccomends.. then I THOUGHT I clicked the settings DOWN for a 180ish rider a few clicks..

yeah.. I went the wrong way.

Ive been riding the bike at almost full tilt on compression, rebound, and preload...

I thought I had a broken spring because going down a smooth road it would feel like a dirtbike...

:lol: I went out and fixed my mistakes... and rides like a dream!

Just a little humor in all my recent vehicle troubles.:thumbsup:
yeah and then yesterday with my new pilot ct2 I almost dragged a knee:poke:.... That tire is nuts....too much confidence with jeans on lol...