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Hello all...it's been a while. I wanted to share with you something that hit home with us last week. I left for work around 5AM last Friday. As I arrived at work, my wife called; "You know you passed a dead guy this morning?" I figured she was joking...but no. There was a 20 year old kid that had been lying on the side of the road since around midnight. I recall passing another vehicle at the exact point where his body would have been lying. I imagine I was blinded by the other vehicle, and vice versa. No chance to see anything there. But the garbage truck did see it, and found his body that morning about 90 minutes later.

He was a 20 year old kid, riding a GSXR600. At first we thought that he lost control around the corner...but he hadn't even reached the corner at that point. His legs were almost completely severed at the knee...his helmet-less head was bruised, but not broken. He had hit a telephone pole and guy wire, snapping his legs almost in two. His bike lay about 20 feet away...about 40 feet from the road surface. Sadly, I learned that he was alive for some time after the accident. I shudder to think that he was still with us when I passed by at 5AM. We later learned that he had been out partying all night....and his friends drove him home. For some reason, he decided to get back out on the road...on his bike. So without even mentioning the words, I think we can draw the conclusion as to what happened. He has family here...so I'm not going to mention names or locations...there's no point.

I know most people here are wise enough to remain sober on their bike....some may heed this tale and think twice next time.


Sad to here this anytime.
Alcohol and Gasoline dont mix, but I did the same stupid stuff at that age, usually in a car.


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very sad situation! it's a definite tragedy but i'm also glad that no one else was hurt or even killed...prayers sent for his friends and family


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that's just sad, i hope he didn't suffer long...never understand why people want to drink and drive, especially a bike


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I always dread the beginning of a new bike season in any of the areas that had down time for over a month or more.

The drivers in cars aren't used to bikes being around again
Riders skills need some re-learning
Road conditions aren't ideal

Be careful out there and take it easy on your rides the first few times out.


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i've ridden drunk before. never again. thinking about things like this keep me stone cold sober in a vehicle. well, that and not drinking prior to driving somewhere.


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I'm sorry to see anyone die on a bike; but I'm also glad he didn't take anyone else with him......


ITs sad to hear any stragic story like this but most stories we read about that involve motorcycles also have alcohol on board. The 2 just don't mix. RIP


poor bastard never even got to enjoy a "legal" beer. how sad. i am soo glad i was on a KZ750b at his age (30ish hp) instead of a 100hp rocket.
i have nightmares about laying on the side of the road hurt and not being able to do anything about it.
why is it bikes don't have onstar? its 2011,aren't we supposed to be piloting hover bikes by now?

still tragic, i will pray for his soul, and family.:please:

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