Local Dealer Smokin' Crack


Where I live, we only have one Suzuki dealer. Right after I bought the bike I tried to go there, so I hurried out of work and got there 15 minutes before closing time. Walked up to the door and the old man asks what do I need. I said nothing, just wanting to look around. He then tells me they're closed. I look at my watch and say WTF? No dice, can't even get in the store. Then I vowed never to go in there. I've been taking my bike to a shop about 45 minutes away for work or to buy stuff.

Well, I haven't been on the bike in over a week because I need a new back tire (imagine that). Nobody has one in stock so I bit the bullet and went in to the shop. Of course, no tire, no way balance a tire and the guy behind the counter "thinks" they can mount one. So I'm heading out the door and see a busa in the corner. So I'm checking it out, they've lowered it and put on a couple D&D slip ons. I ask how much? First guy has no clue, so he points me to the owner. He says $13,000. I asked him what he'd been smoking, because I might want some. He didn't think that was too funny and said, well the bike is brand new.

For sure my last time ever there. I'll continue to make the 45 minute drive to the next closest dealer.

I know, just a rant.


That guy must think everyone in the world is a complete dumba$$. Not a very good salesman. that place will be under new managment before long.


I agree with Rob. Customer service should be business owners number one priority.
Only wish there was something we could do about guys like that.


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More and more places like that. The beest thing is exactly what you did.


My local Suzuki dealer,.... I wouldn't take a push lawnmower to them. Ya know, the kind that dont even have a motor?


Local Suzuki dealers here in Vegas are the same way...already had an out of town deal worked out, but stopped in asking for prices on '03's. $13k. He didn't like my laughing outburst. They even had a used 02 out front and were asking around 10.5.



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id drive 100 miles just not to deal with that guy !
I'd order everything online for a 1/4 the price and do it myself for free (knowing I can't screw anything up like many techs) just not to deal with local dealers like that....

Oh, wait, that's what I already do.


I live in South Florida and we have alot of dealerships around so most of them are polite only because you could always drive down the road and find another.


I think MOST dealerships are like this. in March, Greg and I started shopping for new bikes (our '02's were getting dirty).. We're shopping for an '03 GSXR600 and '03 Busa.

We're in Houston and we hit every dealer in town SEVERAL times, ready to buy on the spot (cash, not financing). (background, we both have been riding for 15+ years, I'm 37, he's 31, so we shouldn't be discounted as 16 y.o. droolers...) Some dealers actually talked to us, but some didn't:

K's in Humble - Wouldn't deal on either bike, if we bought 2, they would take $300 off the Busa. (mind you they are telling us this for a cash price)

AJ Foyt - Never could get anyones attention. They actually moved a few bikes around, but I guess they saw us looking at a Busa, and figured we were in over our heads. After asking the parts guys about the bikes, he said that he would find someone, but never did. This happened last year when Greg bought his Kawa...wanted to buy from there, but they wouldn't sell to him... they just don't care about selling for some reason.

Stubbs SW - Nope, we ain't working no deals, we can't keep them in stock... but haven't sold a bike all weekend.

Cycle Shack, Conroe - No new models, but your sell '01's for a discount.... moving on....

Richmond Suzuki (50 miles out of Houston) - "Damn city dealers puttin us all out of business sellin those Fk'n bikes below MSRP... (sitting on 2 '02 SE's for sticker, btw)... he cussed every dealer in the country. I thought he was going to kill us, lol.

Stubbs @ Telephone Rd. - Greg got a deal on his, but with his trade. He came out at about 7300 (700 off MSRP, he was happy), wouldn't work me but $300 off the Busa, nice try.

Me? I had to drive to Bartlesville, OK (1000 round-trip) to get a price of $9400.... I would have gladly stayed in Houston if I could have found the same bike for $5-600 ($10,000) more.... but noone wanted to sell one to me..... how sad is that?


I got a really good deal on my '02.  With the extended warranty out the door for around $9500, but I'm up in Chicago.  The sale was almost painless, the service department there was awesome....But as we all have seen the parts department was a cluster f*&k!!  The dealer supposedly gives you a lifetime discount on stuff you order from them when you buy a bike from them.  So, when I messed up my left fairing trying to install frame sliders, I went there to order one.  A month later the only word I could get from the dealer was.........Are you ready for this?
?  "IT'S ON BACK ORDER AND WE DON'T KNOW WHEN WE WILL GET IT".  Now, common sense kicks in and I say well they are building BUSA's everyday, I want my panel.  So, I called Suzuki customer satisfaction to see if I could get a better answer.  They gave me a great answer, so I asked them why couldn't the dealer have given me the same answer?  He took the information from me about the dealer and then he called them.  So, then the little CRYBABY parts manager says boo hoo you called corporate and I won't ever sell you parts anymore.  Didn't bother me one bit, I had my panel, and they lost thousands of dollars in sales to me.  Plus the old saying is, "Word of Mouth is the BEST advertisement"  but IT IS ALSO THE WORST.  
Give me a discount web site to order from anyday rather than a parts department that looks at you like a "deer into headlights" when you ask for something.



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man.. my local dealer doesn't have a whole lot of competition.. (next closest is about 40 miles) .. and he does get somewhat stubborn on pricing at times.. but he is a saint compared to most of what you guys are running into.. Thats amazing..


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Paistes....sorry about this garbage you have to take.

Markyde's post demonstrates the only thing that really works short of making oatmeal out of the guys private parts. You call corporate headquarters and you talk to the right guy and you should get what you want. When I spend 10,000 + for a bike, I expect to be treated like a human being and a customer.

This has happened many times in the past decade and when you get the right person on the phone it makes a big difference...Try to NEVER SETTLE FOR A CUSTOMER SERVICE PERSON OR EVEN A MANAGER. You get a hold of the Sr. Vice President in charge of Regional sales or dealerships or service and work from there. I can't tell you how many freebes I've gotten when you deal with the right person.

In addition, when you get a few thousand dollars of receipts from that dealer you have to drive 45 minutes to....take them to the guy that wouldn't let you in 15 minutes before closing....and tell him just like Julia Roberts did in the movie "Pretty Woman" (in the scene where the arrogant sales folks in Beverly Hills would not sell her any clothes...she comes back next day with tens of thousands of dollars worth of merchandise from other boutiques....and tells the sales people that dissed her "BIG MISTAKE" and holds up all the stuff she bought elsewhere). You do the same.

The best technique though was when I had a card from a lawyer that worked with the Attorney Generals office in the State of Illinois (the Business Fraud and complaints division). Most people threaten with the better business bureau. This is worthless. I pulled out the Attorney General's card and said to the Owner of a car dealership....you have two options, give me satisfaction or I will have the freaking Attorney General in here in 24 hours. He bit on it and I got my car fixed for FREE.

Don't let these folks get you down.


I feel your pain.... I drove 250 miles round trip to get my busa but saved $1500+. The local dealer gave me the same line, "we sell so many of them we don't have to give a discount," and "if you DON'T buy it here and bring another bike in you buy somewhere else your bike will go to the end of the line even if a customer who bought there bike here comes in later". Needless to say I didn't buy a bike from him, and I don't take my bike there to be serviced.

Actually I go 100 miles roundtrip to get my bike serviced at a place that "word of mouth" has established as a good location". And to be honest with ya everytime i go in the place the people are friendly and helpful even when i'm just browsing. But the the owners (husband and wife) are both long time riders, maybe that makes a difference.


I have to agree with most of the replies, here in central fl there are about a dozen dealers that sell all the major brands, but you can literally go a mile down the street to another dealer that has the exact same bikes, or at least down the interstate a few miles. Most dealers here are not prone to make deals though, but I believe it is because all of the dealers are like that, we have some national chain dealers here that will not budge and on average charge over MSRP as a matter of doing business. I beleive it would only take one "good" dealer in all of our areas to show the "crap" dealers how much business they could be losing if we had a good alternitive. I would and have driven 600 miles to get a bike in the past and would do it again if the price and the satisfaction is right.
If you're in living in the midwest, I highly recommend Max Pitts Honda/Yam/Kaw/Suzuki in Peru, Indiana. They are a competitor of my uncle's shop (Action Motor Sports), but he doesn't sell 'zuk anyway, and Pitts always sells below sticker right off the bat (much to the chagrin of my sticker-hugging uncle...dork). Right now, Pitts has an 03 listed online for 9199. www.maxpitts.com

Your mileage may vary.

As for PARTS, I *always* order out. I used to use Competition Accessories religiously (again, pissed off my high-parts-markup uncle). www.compacc.com However, I'm sure there are plenty others out there now as good or far better, I just use them because I have for over 15 years now, and now they're even closer-by now that I live in Ohio...

As for service, that still bites. It seems that most dealerships don't get the clue that service department makes or breaks a dealership. If you know you're gonna hate getting your bike worked on someplace, you sure as HELL aren't gonna give them a chance to get your new bike business and have to deal with them for warranty work later on. I've found that to be the case with my local Acura dealership as well, but that's a different topic for a different board...(grin)

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