LoBusa & Sis at Golden Gate Bridge


Hey Guys/Gals, I had many requests to see/ride across the Golden Gate Bridge when you come for Laguna. This is a spot called, Vista Point. We are all going to ride across the bridge to this picturesque point and take photos of all the bikes together with the bridge in the background. Just wanted to give you a preview of what you have to look forward to!!!!! Peace, LoBusa

Looks kinda windy out there eh Lo?
Bikes look great and the ladies even better. Now this is the Lo that I remember.

Nice Pictures there Lo.

I am sure going to miss out on this ride.

See you guys on Saturday in Monterey.

Thank God for digital cameras, or I would spend a fortune on film.

Looking forward to meeting Dawnie. Will your other female friend be rid'n with us? I forgot her name.

yer bike looks sweet Lo....so does yer sisters . Ya ,ya I know you Kawi hatin' bastids....hee hee hee....I dont care, I like it.
She's done a gr8 job with it .
You girlz be good ,
an' if ya can't be good,
be carefull .

Good to hear from you Lo..July right around the corner...
I may have to park my Busa behind some old beater car..hehe
Even with a full "givibag" setup,triple bags, bar risers...super tall wind screen...It will still flip over backwards using just the throttle..down there at sea level...Now my wife has a back rest to lean on...way up high on her back..let's wheelie..
nice and smooth and safe..."maybe"...yea it will be FUN.
CYA soon...Kawafaski..i was before..
ok when did Dawn get her bike painted???

I cant wait to see them both in person.
Good to see you posting again Lo. Bikes look great. Location looks great, the two of you look great.

I have to laugh though, looks like the two of you were attracting a fair bit of attention... Guys in the background are kinda funny...
Allright! No ridin over the bay bridge though.

Please be sure and order no fog for that day too
I like Dawn's bike but I liked the green a little better.
It's good to see you posting again LO. Can't wait to get out there.
Hey Lobusa,
You and your sister look great. Glad to hear from you and I'm looking forward to seeing in Laguna and riding around with you and your friends. Have fun.
Wow! Nice pics of the bikes (and you girls of course!) I like the color Dawnie!..I mean Queen B!, your highness!
Thanks Guys!!!! I must admit we have some awesome scenery in the Bay Area!! While my sister and I were sitting there, we must have had about 10-15 tourists (male/female) ask to take our pictures. One guy spoke french to us and and showed us his camera, we smiled and said okay, he then put his arm around me and had his friend take a picture of US. Afterwards he gave me a kiss on the cheek and a bonjour, and he was gone! Dawn and I just looked at eachother like WOW, this is a trip!

Swan, my sister and I are so looking forward to seeing you. All she does is talk about our trip to BC in August to come ride with you and your friends. We are both very excited about it, Laguna is just the beginning!!

RSD, we will TRY to be good! Thanks for the compliment. I guess for a Kawi, Dawnie's bike is awiight!!!

For those coming to Laguna, I can't wait to see you all and promise to make it memorable!! For those who can't make it, I wish you were and hopefully we will be able to meet and ride together one day..... (sigh)

Sleeper....... do like the Price is Right! and come on down!