Little ride today

I was out today riding with my cousin the the highway and had a little photo oppurtunity. Thought i'd send a rock on to all my fellow riders on the board! haha



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(smokin_gunz @ Oct. 15 2006,06:10) kool pic.

is your bike lowered or is that from body weight compression?
Kind of wondering the same thing...dwarfs the bike. Rock on man, love the action pics, but static are always welcome.
I was gonna say I thought you were riding with a backpack on the front. I am also a big guy.. about 250-260 but haven't weighed myself in sometime now. My suspension is always really low and the front fork seems to bottom out on even the slightest undulations but I have preload set high... Gotta upgrade the fork springs. You and I make the busa look like an average rider on a 600.

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