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Link to Andy's original rant

And now for the new and improved PM from Andy
 This was sent to BA BUSA, but he's too chicken to post it up himself
 Kidding, just kidding Rich

post this,thanks:

 Hey guys and gals,hope all is well. Thanks for doing all this raffle stuff for me. It makes me think we could make

the world a better place fairly easily.Look at the group here on the Org.
There is strength in numbers.I still find it awesome every time we rally to help out our brothers n' sisters.

 I know some of the folks are getting a lil' pizzed at me for not graciously accepting your kindness and

generousity. Harsh sentiments have even been written...(translation: They spoke their minds and didn't even swear,

hahaha. They gave it to me with both barrels,for my own good.)  I guess I shall to come down off my high hourse. I

can't expect others to sukk it up when I offer to help them,then not accept your fine offers of help.

 Doug / AKA The Captain and I have been doing battle like this for a few years now. I believe he is one up on me

now in the dissagreement department. I onced phoned him at 1am.Just for shock value,and to have the edge. hahahaha.

I won that one. He agreed to let us help him,and keep his(and our) site, fast and strong.

 Next time we had a major face/face was over Vegas. We argued for days on that one. In the end,I accepted his and

his wifes, one thousand dollar gift (from his own personal funds,not Org. funds). I once tried to talk Doug into

using some donation funds a long time ago ,and taking his awesome wife out to dinner, "On Us".
I guess l lost that one too. He wouldn't do it.He doesn't like to spend donations on anything that won't help out

the membership here. It all goes back into something. Shipping,Paypal fee's,donations back to us,creating

products,the day to day costs,servers,equiptment.The place was started on a server in his basement. Then he

graduated up to a couple servers,Compaq's I think. Can't believe,the place now.Proud to be a part of that. I

remember giving Doug a hard time about "sellin out". Said he was just in it for the t-shirt money. Then,I had to eat

my words. Again. I found what the "year end" profits were for Hayabusa.Org
 (Don't tell Doug I've hacked into his accounting program)

 "The Man" made $6.oo . Yup,six whole dollars. Six bucks.

 And folks think I give alot.NOT. The hours alone he spends running this place.For 5 or 6 years. You can't put a

dollar figure on that.
 So the Long(which you just got) and short of it is ...Thanks.

 I did tell Doug I was thinking about a new monitor to ease the strain on my fugged-up vision. So I got one with

some of the dough you guys sent me.It just makes things easier to see.Less headaches with it too. I want to thank

you guys for that. I'll post pics,if I ever get posting rights back.ha ha ha. Doug has made the right decission

again. Now I just pop in and return some PM's,its nice and easy going now. The other thing I did was some of the

money was to catch up on my medical payments. It seemed like a great place for it to go. Giant medical bills are not

what I need right now.  I have to say a big thank you to the House Mouse.She has held this fam together for 13

months single handly.Long hours,all the krap that goes with running a house.WOW.

 Thanks guys. Big thanks. I've been told that my brain re-hab program which was supposed to end in another few

weeks,is to continue for me. A couple folks will be leaving the program early...they are ready to be "re-integrated

back into society".   hahahahahahaha....that funny. The rest of the folks will be checking out "on time". Then

there's da Rubb. Ol' Rubb is being "kept after school"...a sort of detention room thing,you might say.  Hahahahahaa.

I'm not ready for "re-integration" yet. hahaha.  I'm killin' myself here.  
 Anyway...I guess I'm a little bit

more fugged up than the average person with a brain injury. DUH!  DOH!

 All kiddin'aside. I'll take a break for a bit. Concentrate on one thing.The Re-hab. It means the world to me,some

important things.Like fighting for a car licence,not to even mention a Busa/bike licence. I OWE it to my family to

get better,grow stronger,and provide for my family the best I can. I must return to work.I owe it to you guys

too.The guts of this place.The heart and soul.The Core.There are tons of good folks here,no doubt about it.There are

some thou,that make up the core.15,000 memberships.About 2 or 3 hundred,in the Core.Some of the Ol' boyz,some of the

new ladies,from all walks of life. Some guys so cool,it would be an' honour to PRETEND to be them for a day.Above

and beyound the call of duty.Some would say,I went above and beyound sometimes.Yup.Sometimes good,sometimes not so

good.Thanks for puttin' up with "Brain Boy" for this long.

 Genuine priveledge knowing you.

Thanks Cuzz.

 I'll be back.   haha haha.

 Need anything FROM RSD.     that or half the planet has my phone number.hahaha.

  Daily reports on BV...Pipe...

I'm glad he finally caved in and accepted what the group was trying to do for him!!
andy is the man he has yelled at me and then apologized 30seconds later he has listened to me about my problems and i am there for his i know i get out of control on here sometimes but you know you have to let go. the guys and gals on here make this site number one. the help and knowing i can call them anytime of the hour if i need help is what makes me come back day to day

Well, you can get blood out of a turnip!
Glad to see he is getting things in order and hope to see him posting again soon.
I think "THEY" are brain washing him! That sure isn't the Rub I have talked with!!

But I am glad that he is gonna concentrate more on his rehab. Maybe taking some time off will help speed his recovery.
Good on ya RSD! Hope all continues to get better for ya bro!

Thanks for posting, VaB. And what can you say about Rubb--except that he's got a big heart and deserves all of our support. Can wait 'til he's back!
Thanks for that update Andy and Michelle... I tol you you'd have to cave in Andy.
uncle rub is getting soft in his old age aint he...
Roll over Rub! Accept it!
Yup,bout time you came around bud. You owe it to yourself!
And the next time I'm in Victoria Bc,and ya know I've been there before,I will look you up and at least try to slap the sh!t outta you.....



It just goes to show you....A brain damaged Rub is still better than most. If you are reading this Rub, you are officially my new idol. Keep healing.
Glad to hear he's doing okay

Thanks for the post Michelle
Thanks for posting this Vabusa. Glad he took the money... Hope to see him back.
Yo brudda
I told you you were fugged...what goes around comes around