For those that missed out on the first round sorry for the delay. Got some news, both good and bad I think....

I have the access to get 10 more ballast units identical to the ones I had. Mitsubishi ballasts w/german D2R bulbs. All ten are new. All ten are state of the art, lightest, smallest, thinnest and brightest out there.

The supplier I can use is different due to the previous one retiring. I found out he sold the business so I cant go thru him anymore. I did find a new place to get them but for the costs and not being a business myself I dont mind doing the ten. After that I am done. Poooh said it best with a mod for yourself is nice, to help a few others is a good feeling but when you aint in it for the money it's a headache.

The ten I can get dont come with bulbs so I have to order the bulbs seperatly. The bulbs come in a pack of 15, 50 and 100. I can only get ten units so I have to buy the 15 pack of bulbs. They too are the exact same 35 Watt bright as helll, D2R blue hued HID bulbs as before. The only difference is the supplier's and extra work.

The replacement caps that go in place of the factory rubber cap I supplied, I always had to order seperatly, they actually go to something all together different. They happen to be a perfect fit for the busa low beam light.

So for me to consider getting the last 10, and thats all I can or will try to get, and sell them for exactly what I have in them will make the units $200.00 plus shipping. Its still one heck of a deal from what Ive seen. You cant find a better unit or ballast under $600-$700 anyway. Check yourselves.

Bulbs are $135-$158.00 each. But a little less with a bulk purchase.

I will order the units and ship them out if I can get 6 confirmed sales to make it worth the headache. If not its ok too because this all started as a solution to my own meltdown problems and then helping out a few who wanted them.

A couple of people wanted some and I didnt mind the work. But now it's not really worth the extra trouble if fellow riders are not interested.

If your interested I have two other people so I can see it happening in the next 24 hours to order them. Shipping is over night so I can have them to go out tomarrow and ship them on the thursday. Let me know what you want to do.

$200.00 + shipping. Still better than $459-$799 for the not as good phillips, or hella units. (my opinion since I have seen them both) Thanks for your time.

For any opinions on if ya think this mod is worth the money check with the people that have bought them. I hope that if they read this they will post their own opinions.

ICEMANN@AMERITECH.NET for paypal, or email interests. I will post a reply and email those interested if I get the six orders. If I sell all ten thats great. If not the four will go on my GMC SUV's. The units will fit Aprilla, GSXR1k and honda XX.

PICS OF KITS, and lights.





Hi James ,

I think that the light kit that you sold me was the best thing that I have done to my bike for a couple of reasons.

1 I think that it is safer do to better visablity
This is why Josh bought the last one you had . We were riding and I got stuck behind a car while he and another guy made it around . I was pretty far back and Josh told me that my light was brighter a 100 yards back , than the guy that was right behind him

2 The visablity at night is unbelievable I can see know . Ihad a 100 watt bulb in my bike before and it doesnt hold a candle to this HID system ,

It is probably the best money I have spent on this bike and I have spent a lot .

Thanks Tim


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Ice how much is the complete unit to get it going with the bulbs?? I am very interested. Busabullet


Mann guys Im not sure about the other countries. I did a shipping rate quote from UPS and FEDEX, us mail site down at the time.

Fedex international $110.19
FedEx economy ground $100.78

UPS Worldwide Express PlusSM
Total Rate(USD) $148.08*
UPS Worldwide ExpressSM

Total Rate(USD) $108.08*
UPS Worldwide ExpeditedSM

Total Rate(USD) $102.77*

Thats from ohio to london GB. I mean Ill ship it if you want it but it seams a little pricie.


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