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LIGHTNING STRIKES TWICE: In the span of one hour, a climber in Wyoming was struck by lightning twice, the second of which killed him and injured a companion. Ryan Sayers of Colorado Springs, CO, was climbing Steeple Peak in the Wind River mountain range in central Wyoming last Monday, when a bolt of lightning struck him about 1,500 feet from the summit. He survived the hit, and he and his companion decided to sit out the storm before proceeding. An hour later, another lightning bolt hit the climbers, causing Sayers to fall 300 feet into a ravine. His hiking partner suffered minor burns, and was able to make her way down the mountain to summon help. A rescue team recovered Sayer's body. An examination determined he died from the lightning strike and not from the fall.
I don't even have that bad of luck...Damn...Prayers going out...
Sorry to hear the bad news. I guess when it's your time it's your time.
Coincidentally, I met this guy. He was a graduate student of my friend who is a prof. at Colorado School of Mines in Golden. My friend was really bummed by the loss of his student. Sad.
My wishes to the family. As a climber I have been caught in a few storms and watched my hair stand on end while my gear sparked.

Kind of like the bike, when you think it's clear, look again, but don't wait too long or the idiot behind you will take you out
that sucks bad... dude should have known to get right wif god after the first shot though.