Lightech chain adjusters


Hi guys, does anyone have lightech chain adjusters fitted on their gen 2?
I done a search that brought up an old thread that suggested ones listed for later model gsxr1000's might work but I don't think the op came back to confirm if they worked for him. Anyone else tried them?

Maybe the kts gillies will fit?

Maybe the kts gillies will fit?
Beware the older style of Gilles chain adjusters with the busa. They have been known to brake. The adjuster bolt works kind of like a turn buckle and the tube it threads through is pretty thin. They even shave the inner surface of the square tube so the threads are exposed. It really is only a three sided square tube. The axle nut torque helps hold the axle in place but if it slips, all you have is that flimsy tube pulling back against the axle. I have the old KTS Gilles Tooling axle adjusters on my ZX-14 and the only reason I keep them is because they look cool and I use the stock axle adjuster bolt to hold them in place just like the stock axle block. Never had a problem but the stock bolts are what keeps it safe. ..especially being that I have aftermarket wheels that only take about 30 ft lbs of tq on the axle nut. IDT the off center stock adjuster bolt on the busa would work as well to stabilize the KTS adjusters as the centered adjuster bolt on the ZX-14. Gilles quit making this part for the ZX-14 years ago. I can't believe they still make this for the busa.

I'd go with the Lightechs if they fit. Otherwise the Gilles TCA style.