life can be very strange...very strange...GOOD,actually great...but still strange


Another awesome phone conversation. The topics come up fast and furious without long awkward pauses. We talked science,mythology,history,family,current events,pretty much everything under the sun. She dropped a bomb via email,after reading one of mine.I was hesitant to inform her that Rubb has a female roomate.She has no issue with that. She is far to self assured and self confident to be bothered by something like that. I was apprehensive to drop that bomb,but at the same time got the response I knew deep down inside I would receive. She caught me smoking. Ya,Rubb currently smokes. I know,"Bad Rubb..Bad."
She didn't chastise me,give any speeches...once again,just a cool lady.This may be the kick in the azz I need to quit anyway. Obviously a thing like stopping the use of anything deemed harmful can't be done for the other person,it has to be done for ones own self,but at the same time its just a cool thing to do.Quit smoking=extra Busa parts. :thumbsup:
So in my bomb-dropping email I felt the need to say I was sorry for not mentioning things right out of the gate...actually,it was making me feel sick to my stomach.Which tell's me something. So another day in the life & times of Ol' Rubb is in the history books. I gotta good feeling about this boyz. Also in the emails passed back n' forth was the exchange of a few more photo's...she thanked me for leaving my pants on this time as opposed to previous photo exchanges. Hey,it seemed like a good idea at the time. I can't consult you guys every step of the way.
OK,pants on,good. Pants off...uuuhhh not so good. :moon:
Dating,life in general...its a learning process right?
Rubb...slow learner. The girl has patience,thats for sure.
Tune into this thread tomorrow to hear the actual truth of things. Rogue's side. Honesty,another one of her awesome personality traits.
And here we are on the ground level of a budding relationship/friendship with all the mushy, lovey, dovey stuff which makes us all want to hang over the toilet.

Seriously, glad you are enjoying yourself and hopefully everything goes as you would like to see it going.


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And here we are on the ground level of a budding relationship/friendship with all the mushy, lovey, dovey stuff which makes us all want to hang over the toilet.

Seriously, glad you are enjoying yourself and hopefully everything goes as you would like to see it going.
I'm actually having the time of my life living "all the mushy.......
It's you poor Bastid's that have to read about it every day.



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Actually, the great thing about the interweb is we don't.....:poke:
Curiosity....I know you'll peek in from time to time...

You all may be off the hook for any mushy lovey-dovey today, as she is super busy with work. :confused:
I will just have to terrorize other threads as the weather is not in my favor today.


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Ahhhh "Train Wreck" funny shid there my brother.MMM....
Let me think on this one for a bit....

revenge is a dish best served (or eaten) cold

phrase of revenge

    vengeance is often more satisfying if it is not exacted immediately.


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