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Dis in my way!
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OK guys using the attached image would you guys rather have the text "Hayabusa Owners Group" on the sticker or not? We should have the stickers pretty quick, I have the artwork done and I need to know if I should add the text or not......

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What happened to the version that had a muscular Falcon one's that's been

Just joking looks cool the way it's set up...

But maybe in the future you could create one that has
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Topic: Lets Talk Stickers, Your thoughts
I think most of them are pretty sticky... especially on the backs. ...

ok sorry..

I like the sticker design.. The only thing I would add if it were me would be the website address below it.. not the whole http://www... stuff.. just "Hayabusa.org" if they can't figure it out from that they aren't going to figure it out anymore with all t's, and w's in front of it.

Or maybe leave the text you've got now off, and put the address... Doesn't do much good if it doesn't advertise the website afterall.

either way, I want some of them!
I think stickers can be cool, BUT. I DON'T like the 4"X4" square!
I like the Hayabusa.ORG idea
Like LaBusas.oRg<<Seen their stickers?

Where do you place a 4X4 sticker and not make it look like a 4X4 sticker?

Just MY .02
I like it whatever it's going to look like. I'd rather let you guys hash it out as to what the final look will be. Then let me know how much.
I like hayabusa.org better than hayabusa owners group, but that's just me. What ever the group wants is fine. Words are cool.

And ego is right, stickers do tend to be sticky.
you can bet your butt that Ill take some of um, thats for sure.

but like it has already been asked, what kinda background is it gona have, clear or white??
The reason that I never put Hayabusa.org on the stickers is because I didn't think people would want a website name on their bikes. I get enough traffic here as it is, this month already over 2.4 million hits from 82 countries.... My original idea was just a way that people could get a sticker to put in their garage, on the mirror, their bicycle, where ever and I could make a buck or two off each one to help pay for the two T1's that I have here at the house. That is the only reason that I offered the stickers in the first place, I need to make sure that the masses will like the silly things because I am buying them in bulk and I dont want to get stuck with a bunch of em and be out the money. If you guys have ideas, pull out your photoshop and post em here, I am always open to ideas, majority rules as long as the stickers are not designed so tight that they are cost prohibitive. You guys want em, tell me what you want.

If your not worried about driving more traffic to the site I think what you've got is great. I was mainly thinking of it as advertising as opposed to just helping cover the expenses.