Lets go ride

Big E

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Here are a few shots of the snow here in Rockville, MD. About 15 inches so far and counting. The car below is a shot of my sisters boyfriend. He has to drive home to Charlottesville, NC either tonight or tomorrow morning.

Heres a shot of my street. Sucks that I live on a hill. Worst part of it all is that it takes the plows forever to get to our nieghborhood.

Nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there. I don't miss the snow...

Even on a cold day in Texas you can still go ride.
I know you hate to hear this but I miss the snow. Spring will be here soon and then you can get the Busa out. Until then break out the sleds.
I love the snow also. As long as there is enough to play in. It also has to last for more than a day or two. In the St. Louis area it never lasts. Not only that we don't get enough to realy enjoy. More ice here today than anything elese. 1.5" in the front yard where the wind can hit it, and 3.5-4 in the back.

I miss snowmobiles in the winter. Ice skating on the ponds. Sled riding on the big hills in PA.


Sure you could not keep the Snow down by you, you had to send it North, We ahve about 25 inches now.

I really like to see the pics of the landscape all covered in snow and the house (nice house by the way E) but I don't envy having to live with the snow EVERY day.