Let the truth be known!


Why did you buy a Hayabusa....
1. Looks good.
2.Dragracing...shooting for the nines,or even eights.
3.Just love the low rpm torque..effortless cruising.
4.You really want to see how fast you can go?
5.Just knowing you are on one of the baddest bikes ever,and have no intension of "seeing what she'll do?
6.Being able to do "roll on wheelies"
7.Take a short ride and come home and just look at it?
8.You wanted more power than you can use?
9.You like to scare yourself?
10.Just love to ride without pushing the envelope to far?
I bought my Busa for 9.

 Let it rip..saw 10,900 in sixth today at 0630 hours    
In order of importance...

1. Number Five - But it's not "one of" the baddest. It is THE baddest.

2. Number Eight

3. Number Six
Should have named the Busa White Lighting, cause there aint anything stronger - fire water that is!
Mostly because I want to see if it will really go that fast but I like to stare at it wash it caress her bold aerodynamic lines and rub the undertray ohhh yahhh oops OK I am back hehe I would put my bike in the house with me if I could the old lady wont let me put a bed in the shed where I keep her the Busa not the old lady hehe The feeling when I hit the open road friday after work headed for NH to go camping knowing I had a 2 hour drive ahead of me the wind in my hair it was awsome gave me goosebumbs and a permagrin (not to much there where some bugs out) There is nothing like that feeling .
I gets excellent gas milage and is great for carrying things from the store.
Because it's radically the most different and unique bike of recent years and namely was noticed for it's different design and top speed ,but proficiently proved to be a marvel of modern engineering when tested. It handled well,had a managable and smooth power-delivery,gave great gas milege as a result of being the most aerodynamic production motorcycle .Accolades all over .And I like to ride long distances and the options were Zx12 and XX .Hayabusa presented me with more bang for the buck and the torque to go with it !!!And a sense of MYSTIQUE
I was going to buy another GSXR 750, but for a little more I could get a 'Busa.  When I looked at it at the dealer I got the same feeling you get when (ok give away the age) you looked at a '69 Camaro, built to the gills.  Or a Shelby Cobra,  you think to yourself, Musclecar!  Only this is a musclebike, look at it!  It's thick, the engine bulges power from under the plastic skin.  Oooh baby you want me to take you out and play with you don't you?  Ever been in 10 foot surf, knowing you're going to ride it, but you better be careful.  You could have a great day, but if you don't respect the power... Ok, Ah, lost it for a minute.  No no,  I'm fine now, thanks.
Thanks for responding...I see we are a passionate bunch.
Re read number five...hehe..
Ok it's almost five am..riding the Bus to work..and it's not the Short Bus..
I bought mine because of a guy from Chicago at Deal's Gap. He was telling the story of how he lobbed it over backwards on the interstate doin' a wheelie at 100mph. He passed me on the Foothills parkway (sweet road for a Busa) on the back wheel over and over...... every straight section was his wheelie zone. I had this blue and silver blur buzz by me at warp speed a few times too. I just knew I had to get one.
I was surfing the net one day about 2yrs ago went to the Suzuki web site and the first pic that loaded was a copper Busa.... yeeeeeaaaho! What the hell is that!!!! Luv at 1st site !!! No kiddin just unreal! As I started to read the description .... boingggggg I knew one day she would be mine, oh yes one day.




Tested all the top bikes last year and liked the Busa(fill fit speed handling etc.. Bought the Busa!!
Had a built V Max and thought nothing could out pull and have a, I will kick all your asses attitude my Max had. Then I got to see a Busa run at the drag strip, I was in love! (don't tell the wife!). Well I bought one and kept the max as a third bike. My wife has a 2000 Bandit 1200S. Well to put it in a nut shell I got tired of pushing my V Max around the garage to get things out. And it was tough to get off the Busa and ride the slower bike... Sorry Mr. Max I sold ya... you were good to me but the BUSA is better!
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1. When i first saw the bike in cycleworld in 1999 I knew i had to own it. The look was sleek,smooth and fearsome...It looked like a predator ---reminded me of me

3.Yep I love love the low rpm torque and effortless cruising. The bike handles like a dream and rides as smooth as a feather. Even on long distances the bike doesn't seem like its 500+ lbs. It really is a GT Sport-tourer

5.It feeds my ego -Just knowing I'm on the world's fastest production bike means i aint gotta prove nothing to nobody.. and Nope i'm really not interested in seeing how fast it will go, I'm more concerned with seeing how fast i can control and handle it with confidence.

9. I love rollercoasters and thrill rides and the busa was cheaper than trying to buy Disney World

10.I love to ride, sometimes at speed and other times just cruising and enjoying the sites.. And this bike works great for me, it

11. I added this one---It reflects my spirit it performs as a lamb or lion depending on the mood i'm in. Of the bikes i've owned it best reflects my personality.
Brennanop,Gaprider,Dezzy7...Just loved your replies..all the others are good to....It's been awhile since i saw true emotion on this site...Thnx Captain..also Supreme Overlord..I wonder what you look like...but i am married..so don't worry.
Like one of you said..just knowing how bad the Bus is , is enough..only sometimes..the other day i was just pulling out of a rest stop...and this old vfr see's me and downshifts..just screams off into the distance..and looks back at me....of course i thought about it....but when you know the outcome.. thought ahh..save some gas he's not worth it..But if it had been a Porshe911 turbo.....
Thanx Gang..keep the topic alive.
5 and then 2. I just get a stupid look behind my dark shield when people point and give the thimbs up. I dont even bother wacking the throttle 'cuz I KNOW!