Let the adrenalin get the best of me

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So I was out riding the other day and got to a road that I know very well with some very nice turns, and I admit I was playing and having fun in those turns. When I got to the straight a way and as I was thinking about twisting on it, I heard a wierd noise and looked in the mirror. That was when I noticed a Crown Vic gaining on me with all these blinking things on the roof!:banghead: So being a responsible rider I slowed down and stopped, but after a short conversation with the officer :please: He accually let me off with a warning :laugh: I still dont know what I said or how long he was behind me but that was to close for comfort. I rode the rest of the way home at 5mph under the speed limit thankful to not be heading to jail or with a pink piece of paper in my pocket. I guess the moral of the story is pay attention and be safe, and I guess there are nice cops out there.
Been there :laugh:

Rubb has been let off the hook way more times than he has got busted. Its like 6 or 7 pull-overs to each ticket. NO shi7. I just shmoove 'em. :laugh:

Cops N' Rubbah....:thumbsup:

I had the Same Cop Pull me over on the same street Twice in one month. First time was a Ticket. Second Time he Just laughed and told me "Only a Dumb Ass gets pulled over by the same cop on the same street in the same month" ...........Let me go with a Warning. :thumbsup:

Thats funny ^

I used to routinely blast down this street in my neighbourhood. I could tell some folks were getting pizzed off too. One guy painted "30 KPH NOT 130 KPH" on a 4X8 sheet of plywood and stuck it out on his front lawn.:laugh: I knew it was for me too. :whistle: The speed limit on this road is 30 KPH which is 18 MPH, why I dont know,its the same as all the other fuggin streets in the 'hood. I'd usually do it at 3 or 4 times that speed...ya,I'm an' azzhole. So one day I'm flying along and pow.Cop gets me. I knew he was there just for me too. How'd I know? Because he wasnt speed trapping,he was just sitting in an' un-marked car and didnt even get out till I was 20 feet away.So I'm thinking huge fine,Busa on a tow truck,nite in jail maybe.(thats what happens here when you get caught doing triple or more). Does any of that happen? Nope. He is so nonchalont about the whole thing. He spends about five seconds with me,he suggests I take a different way home...gets back in his car and leaves.

I'm guessing he dont like rats(somebody must have complained) or doesnt need/want any civilian advice. :rofl:

Rubbah gets off again. :thumbsup: