Let’s all check our insurance

@Bumblebee I ride my bike rain or shine everyday, I dont insure my truck in summer except for garabage runs etc so I do save about $125 a month there. If we need a vehicle we use my gf's the rest of the time. Its hard pill to swallow but I have to swallow it... I am not able to move due to farm/family obligations maybe later in life I will.
That's a pill which takes a knife and fork to eat...
What are you guys paying for insurance? just got a quote for over 1800 a year. I am 53 years old no tickets. Thats more than my other 3 bikes combined,and one of those is a 2012 Zx 14R. Thanks, this is for a Gen 3 BTW. This is through Allstate.
Mine is around 1500 a year for my gen 2 with allstate, I almost had no bike when I traded in my 600 without getting an insurance quote for the busa and when I tried to transfer to the progressive I had on the 600. Unfortunately it all goes back to the gen 1 busa and it being what it was back then.
I recently switched to Geico and they charge $44.47 a month for my Gen 1 and about the same for my Z900RS. That’s about a grand for both bikes. Ya gotta shop around. I was with Nationwide for years until they wanted a grand a year just for my Z. Why, I can’t imagine.
And yes it's full coverage $500 deducible...I'm 52 years young.
Made a mistake with my deductible.

Bodily Injury Coverage
Limit Per Accident $300,000
Limit Per Person $100,000

Property Damage Coverage
Limit Per Accident $100,000

Comprehensive Coverage
Deductible $200

Collision Coverage
Deductible $250

Uninsured Motor Vehicle Category
Uninsured/Underinsured Property Damage (under Uninsured/Underinsured BIPD) Coverage
Limit Per Accident $100,000
Uninsured/Underinsured (under Uninsured/Underinsured BIPD) Coverage
Limit Per Person $100,000
Limit Per Accident $300,000
State Farm.
SouthEastern Alabama.
Age 46. Male.

This is for a Gen 3 (2022).

Now, bear in mind, it's for a white one, which is both faster and cheaper on insurance.
It runs 70.00 bucks a month.