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So, I talked to a clerk in Manatee Cty and she told me that if I failed to appear for my "disorderly intoxication" court date that a warrant would be issued. So... no just blowing this off. She said I can fax the judge to get the date extended or even pushed up (since I'll be in LA, CA at the time). And the court date that appeared on my forum when I was released from the jailhouse was totally wrong! I got info from her about a public defender who is automatically on my case and so I left a message with her(lawyer). Hopefully sometime today I'll get to speak with her to see how this whole thing is going to play out. Best case scenario for me is to never have to step foot in court... but today I'll find out something one way or the other.


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this is a crappy situation, maybe they can get arranged so you do not have to appear and just take the money you bonded with.


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the windows to my basement are covered if you need a place to hide out
...seriously though, i hope this doesn't drag out too long for you

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Just make sure the judge knows you fully intend to cooperate with the process but that you really wil have a hard time being there. I think with that approach, you may get sympathy from the judge who is used to dealing with as1 ho#e$ all the time.

Good luck, Bro.

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