Left side fairing removal: HELP!!!!

Well I am installing a woodcraft stator cover on the my '08. But...I cannot get my Left fairing to come off. Has anyone ever done this and have any advice? It does not seem to be the same as the Right side. Thanks a head of time!!!


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On the left side of my Busa the middle pin that goes into the frame horizontally would always get stuck. One time removing the fairing it ended up snapping off and has not been a problem since. I am not talking about the one that is vertical on the black portion next to the tank, I am talking about the one in the dead middle and toward the rear tire. This may be your problem and requires pulling until it gives out.
If its the first time off it will be a snug fit.. make sure its warm 75+ degrees if you have the bolts removed you have to tug on it pretty good.
Pull up on the inner top first to get that one loose then pop the mid loose and slide it off..
Yes I think that middle one is stuck! What a beeeoootttchhhhh!! There seems to be one that connects from the front small black panel by the front tire to the fairing. Am I seeing that correctly...do they connect?

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You are gonna have to reach up and into fairing. And from backside of it you will feel some tabs that are connected. These run along the connection line of two parts. Nose has the loop and fairing has the tab. With a kinda flip/snap motion you need to unlock those tabs so it will come out. They get easier each time and over time it will become very easy.
They come apart just use paitences once you learn the angles it becomes very easy. Just like them snap together models.
Ghost riding is an option as you mentioned but may be a waste if it falls over on the right side panels..


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Take a pic and circle where you think the problem is. Blanca's tutorial was pretty dang good. Before you put them back on, use a little dielectric (silicone) grease makes them easier to pop off in the future.

I'll bet it's that one vertical prong in the top that you have to lift the faring UP instead of OUT to undo....


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are u removing the dash panels also? thats the correct way as theres a screw that holds everything tight. i take the dash apart. extra 5 minutes and the whole job is safer

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