Left rear signal light stays on


I cranked my 09 busa up just to run it. I notice the left rear signal light is on continuous, not flashing. I haven't done anything to the bike at all. Did a search on this forum and internet and came up dry. Any ideas?


The signal light started working for no reason. Cranked it and all ok. Then a week later, I go to crank and it's doing it again. The right signal works fine, flashes, terminates with button push, but left side front and back stays on, no flash, just stays on. Someone said the flasher module might be stuck, but the right side works fine. Any ideas?


Did you change out the bulbs and clean the sockets real good (you most likely did).

I'd change the relay, one side could be cooked...


Exactly where is the relay? If behind a panel. tell me which and where on the bike it is, thank you guys, been a big help.


Dis in my way!
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You might check your ground wires.. (cleaning the connectors could be one), check the battery and any other grounds you have added lights or accessories to.
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