Leather pants


I am 6'0,265 lbs,38/40 waist with a 34 inseam.Can someone tell me what size leather pants I should be looking at?Thanks for your help...
I'm trying to get past the 6'0" 265 lb man with only a 38" waist.....
they all fit different. i posted something about sizing in the "GEAR SECTION" about specific leather pants i tried on...
Joe Rocket stuff fits like it says. A 38 is a 38. The Italians stuff tends to be a couple of inches smaller than the stated size. Rocket Blaster pants go up to a 46 waist! Good for us phat boyz.

You have to try them on.

I read reviews on kneedraggers.com and guys talking about the exact same clothing item had different opinions on fit. Some say true to fit, some say order one size bigger etc. Very few had the same review about the size when they are talking about the same item.
If you can, go to an event that has a midway there with vendors selling stuff.. try and fine a booth from Bates leathers or another company(Vanson, etc) and have them custom made for you. They will measure you and take your $$$, then make them to fit you exactly. it will cost more ,but results are superior.