Leather Jacket ideas


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Im in vegas, and the summer is excruciating. 100+ temps, etc...

I always wore a mesh jacket, but I am beginning to think that leather is the only safe substance and I want a leather jacket that doesnt feel all stuffy and heavy.

Major venting and perforated leather: - Anyone have any experience with this? Does it keep you cool?

What makes do you recommend? I am a big dude. 250lbs. Generous cut with short-ish sleeves.

There is a hayabusa jacket 54 size, that I thought I would like, but I dont know how well vented and cool it is for summer.

Most jackets dont fit me well, or the way I like it to. I have a firstgear meshtex and it fits nicely, but thats it.
Forget the AGV Hayabusa jacket in the summer! get a nice quality mesh piece from somebody like Alpine stars,Rocket or the like,NJ.
Hiya, HayaVegas. I had the AGV Busa jacket, sold it and bought an Icon Timax vented jacket. They also have a Mesh jacket. The AGV was too hot and too bulky. Also, the arms were too long for me.
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Mesh is horrible.  There are however other textile alternatives.  I recently purchased a Dainese Invader made with D-Stone which is really nice.  Great protection, really sharp and stylish.  Definately not as hot to wear as leather.

Various comments on the jacket...

 I've looked the Dainese jackets in Daytona. They are very well made but do they make anything that would fit anyone over 175lbs??  I wish they would target our McDonalds eating American market!!!


I'm in Vegas on business about 2 times per year. I have quite a few freinds there!! If you ever want to go to the SHOT Show next year, let me know!!

Check out Fieldsheer:


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The other alternative is to go light on the jacket and heavy on the armor:


Take a look at the Bohn armored shirts and pants, you can wear them under lightweight clothing.

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Look at the Joe Rocket SuperEgo jacket as well.

It's a leather jacket, but the front panel zips off to reveal a mesh underneath, but it keeps the back of the jacket and the back of the arms (including elbows and shoulders) protected with leather and armored.
Can't recommend as I haven't tried mine yet, but can suggest this one <a href="http://www.motorcyclecloseouts.com/detail.asp?PRODUCT_ID=50-3391">FirstGear Rocker Leather Jacket<a>

I think Joe Rocket Blaster 2.0 "Perforated" is a great jacket. I bought a red one last May when I got my RC-51, and wore it everytime I rode. It was very comfortable in hot south Florida weather. I just sold it on Ebay, and just got a Gunmetal colored one, to match my LE, (if it ever gets here). I am a big guy too, 6'4", 280lbs, and the size 54 fits me good. Make sure you get the "perforated" one. the best price I found was a www.motoxoutlet.com, great price and fast shipping.
The AGV is definitely hot above around 75-80 degrees but you do feel safer. I have a mesh jacket with armor and a removable liner for hot weather. Leather is nice when you ride below 40 though. I weigh 240, 6'4", and have a size 54 AGV. Arm length is great, wish the body was a little tighter though.
I've been wearing the Joe Rocket perforated leather jacket 3 yrs now. It has a zip-out liner for the cooler days, and breathes pretty well in summer. It isn't as hot here, but it is over 90 for 45 days or so.
I have the Tour master Cortech perforated leather jacket and matching pants. They zip together to form a full suit. Very nice. Price is right !!! Look on Newenough.com.