Learning Wheelies and Stoppies


I just got my Hayabusa a week ago.  I've broken it in.  I know after I get the 600 mi. service at Suzuki that I'm gonna want to try a couple things:  wheelies, stoppies, etc...  I'm just concerned that I'm gonna end up flipping it the first time I try anything.  If anybody has ANY tips for attempting my first wheelie, I'd love to hear what you have to say.  I'd rather be careful not to destroy the bike just a week or 2 after I got it.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks!
I have 2 tips for you....

1. You bought the wrong bike for tricks. You shoulda went with the 750 or smaller. That is the bottom line.

2. Dont fart in the shower, it will stick to your nose.
is this your first bike?? if so, "please don't try any thing other than learning the characteristic's of this bike" (dang biker-boyz moive!! )
don't forget this.... that busa will put a hurt on you!
whoa dood, you need to slow down a bit!

First off, think about why you got a busa, it's a comfy bike that goes fast! It's not a stunt bike. If you want a stuntbike, get like a 1998 Suzuki GSXR750 for about $5K, got -2 front +4 rear, and trust me, that bike will stunt all day long!

The busa is a NOT a bike for stoppies dood, come on. You've got a longer wheelbase combined with a 500+ bike, trying stoppies on your busa will DEFINTELY cause you to crash, very very quickly.

As far as wheelie, just ride the bike alot, and practice getting on the throttle hard. Get a feel for how much throttle the bike takes to start lifting the wheel, and go from there. You'll start with it getting an inch off the ground, then walking it up to a foot high and etc.

It's not that a busa cant be made into a stuntbike, it's just that there are much cheaper, lighter, and safer bikes to do it on, ie GSXR750, CBR900, ZX900 etc..

I dont know if you've ever come down from a stoppie slightly sideways and had to stick a leg out to save it. If that happens with a busa, you WILL go down, it's just too much weight to hold on to

But then again, if you're asking these questions, you're either a) someone who's not serious b) someone who doesnt know sh*t about stunting and sportbikes c) someone who will be posting pics of their wrecked busa really soon

"Dude you should of got a Dell"

Seriously, the Busa is not the bike to start learning how to wheelie on. I don’t know what your riding experience is, but if you’re asking this question I imagine you have not been riding very long. The Busa is a great bike and it can do some wicked wheelies.  I would recommend taking it slow for now, get used to the bike before you start doing stunts.

You might want to check out the videos over at and just enjoy the action from the comfort of your PC before you hurt yourself.
I put about six thousand miles on the Busa before I felt I could start tryin to yank it up.....and about 1000 miles on it before I started trying to ride curves pretty hard.....take your time and get used to the bike first.

Time Grasshopper...Time...

Don't rush any of the things you wish to do...

The wheelies will come, maybe...

The stoppies are a different issue...The Busa is heavy...Everything has to be perfect for stoppies on it...You the road and the brakes...If the road had any debris the front wheel will lock and slide...If you panic during that time, your going down...

Don't freak up your bike trying to stunt...
Uuuuuuuuuh what everyone else said. Wrong bike for that stuff. It's like you could also put knobie's on it and ride in the dirt but thats not what its suited for.

It's a go fast-real fast, bad ass fun machine! nuff said.  

BTW: Have you been watching "biker boyz" by chance?
I love after just getting to the end of a canyon run....
turning onto the highway and giving the headlight salute!

Don't worry guys.  I won't be doing anything on that bike for a long time.  I just wanted to hear what you guys had to say incase I ever caught myself seriously thinking about attempting any wheelies.  And there's no way I'm ever even going to think about doing a stoppie.  I've heard the way it sounds when the rear comes down and I don't like it.  And I've seen too many videos of people jacking them up.  Thanks for the responses guys!  And just so you know, I did NOT buy the Hayabusa to do tricks.  I bought it for its size and weight and it's sexy body!!  I guess it's just that damned BikerBoyz movie that got me thinkin'...
Drew, I have friends in San Jose ( in fact I grew up in Santa Cruz ) Lookin forward to meeting up with ya sometime. You gonna go to SanomaFest? or Laguna Seca with us?
- Kent
I'm going to every event I hear about.  And I'm looking to ride with whoever is down to ride with me.  You can E-mail me at drewwerd13@yahoo.com if you're ever looking for an extra person for a weekend ride.  I'm definitely planning on being at Laguna Seca.  But I haven't heard of Sonomafest.  Let me know whenever you're going out for a ride, because I'd love to ride with a group.  I'm getting the 600 mile service done tomorrow so after that, I'll be able to take the RPM's a little higher and keep up with you experienced Hayabusa guys!  
Not to rain on your parade, but I dropped my busa about 6 weeks ago going about 2 or 3 mph. Guess how much it cost to repair it? Only $2700. Just remember, this ain't some cheap piece of crap if you loop it. It will cost you major bucks to get it back the way it was.