Learned A Lesson This Year


Ive posted on here not as much as usual been busy with work,baby and getting to the track.

Here's my lesson

I had my 1441 done over the winter and have been struggling to be consistent with it and run at its full potential. I've messed with the gearing even moved the wheelbase back 2". Couldn't get the bike to 60'. It was like I forgot how to ride. Its been frustratin to say the least becuase I know the bike is a rocket.

When we did the 1441 my builder told me to remove the Brock's cushion kit I had. He told me they didn't work. He's got 17 years of racing under his belt I have a lot to learn. I did as he suggested.

Here's where my lesson was learned. He doesn't like them and they didn't work for him. No offense to him he's very smart and knowledgeable about busa's and hand clutch racing. Hes volunteered his time come out to the track and gave me a hand as well as get me a discount on my nitrous set up. He's not a builder like lees or carpenter he's a guy in his garage local to me with a good reputation.

I ran 90% of my passes with that cushion in. I'm familiar with how it feels. Without it the clutch was very grabby it made launching the bike very hard to me. I put the cushion back in last week ive only got to make 2 passes ( rained out) with it in but it's much smoother to me. I can't wait to get back and get a few more passes to get the feel of that again. I'll have this thing flying!

I guess my point being is what works for me doesnt mean it will work for you and vice versa.


I haven't personally used the cushion, but everyone I know dislikes the cushion. Just my .02. You are right, different strokes for different folks.


I can't say that I've made any improvement as of yet. I only got to make 2 passes I have to get a feel for it again. I'm going to head to the track Friday and Saturday again this week.

I put it in and ran my best 60' swb with it (1.54). I usually did a 1.56-1.57 swb. I was pretty consistent last year with it (1.41-1.43 @64")and I took it out when the motor was done. I haven't been able to 60' consistently this year


I'm always interested in learning something and trying something. I think when it comes to clutch ill try and stick with what I'm comfortable with from now on.


ur muscle memory wants that clutch mod not ur bike. let the clutch go. ur probably slipping it too much. u sure ur springs are not worn out?


ur muscle memory wants that clutch mod not ur bike. let the clutch go. ur probably slipping it too much. u sure ur springs are not worn out?
You're probably correct, but if it works it's hard to knock it. Its all about being comfortable with your set up IMHO. Ive made many passes this year I don't want someone to think I went out once and I came to that conclusion. . I've tried different things : gearing, springs, bought a jri shock since may

I can't explain how grabby it felt. It felt as if the bike acted different with every pass. Maybe it did get in my head with the motor and everything. If I can't 60' with the mod, ill have undeniable proof it is me.

The clutch springs are good. I even tried to take some bite out with lighter ( factory springs) all I did was lose mph.


I had a Brock's cushion and didn't like it, but really I didn't like the high spring pressure. Maybe could have reduced spring pressure and been ok but never did. I put it in a buddy's bike and he goes 1.30 at 69" every pass. If your clutch is grabby it isn't just your riding style.

I learned my lesson earlier this year. For a few years people have been saying Mobil-1 car oil isn't the same as it used to be. I have used it for years and it has served me very well. My second bike went through two clutches very quickly and I determined it had the same failure as my buddy's bike that was also running Mobil-1 car oil. He switched oils and his problem went away. I switched and so did my problem. I guess I had finally used up my old inventory of Mobil-1 from before the change and it bit me. Sometimes other people ARE right!


I went to the track last night. I didn't get any great 60's, but I gained consistency that I haven't had all season. I made six passes last night had a nitrous bottle issue. Minus a few stupid mistakes on 2 my others he 60' was within a hundredth of each other.

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