Leaky fork when front strapped down

Hi all,

I strapped the busa and the gf's r6 down to my trailer and hauled them out to Lewiston, ID to ride the spiral highway (kicks @ss btw) and then met up with some friends in Boise for some more riding. The riding went great, but I noticed that the left fork had leaked everytime the busa had been strapped down. Has anybody experienced this before? I probably lost an 1/8 cup of oil overall and I'm worried that I somehow blew a seal in the fork...It didn't leak at all on the garage floor last night, but I don't know if that matters...I'm hoping the service manual will clue me in on how to refill the oil, but any tips would be great :-)


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Sounds like a seal bro, There are alot of guys on here that can lead you in the right direction with this problem ,give them time to read this thread ..they will come


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kinda sounds like you strapped it down to hard... i've never changed fork seals but i've heard that it isnt to bad of a job...
Yeah, I'm thinking I strapped it down too hard, also. Grrr...

Looking through the manual, about every third line starts with "Using specialty tool..."
Are those dealer only items or is there a good place to buy them from? Google let me down...


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There have been several threads about fork seals & how to make your own 'specialty tool'. Try the search & let me know if you don't find what you need.
my right fork seal just went out last weekend.... the local busa shop i go to told me a good piece of dirt or debris could have gotten up there, and well, you know.... they said the seal is only about $10-15. and depending on whether or not ur a do it yourselfer or not labor would put it up close to $90...???

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