Launching Turbo bike


I have a Gen I with stage I Turbo and just wondering what other turbo guys out there were launching their bike at or any tips on launching turbo bike. I've had some success but not consistant. I had a 1.5 60' but most time I either bog, spin or even get wheel hop. Any tips/input greatly appreciated.

Have 8 over swing arm, shinko hook up, air shifter, strapped and lowered
I would look into getting your suspension setup for your weight and length. I'm not sure what rpm you would need to launch at
Just have the stock clutch with the Brocks mod

If you are making any power at all that won't hold. The clutch mod decreases the holding power of the clutch. Brock's clutch cushion adds clamp force back and is supposed to be good up to somewhere around 250 hp, but at some point you would be better off just getting the lockup as mentioned.