Launching the Busa with Keith Dennis


There is an Article in the August 2003 Motorcyclist Magazine that features 600 Supersport Dragracing Champion Keith Dennis. In it, he describes how to get the best launches possible especially for the Busa. It's a great article.

Also in that issue is a comparison test of the Busa vs. the ZX12.  Tested stock, lowered, and lowered and geared. (Busa beats it by a hair all 3 ways).

A must have for BUSA BOYS!

Now that was an article to LOVE...9.47@147....
id love to read that. do either of you have a copy you can email me? or postal mail me? its already gone from my local stores. thanks
I was trying to post the whole article but I either can't get enough light for you to read it or I get to much light and it glares out the words!?!?!

Just a couple pics to hold you over until you can find one. I'll look around here but try some of the slower book stores or places you wouldn't normaly look for magazines like Wal-mart.


I WON'T find that magazine here!! I'm on the other side of the ocean... It would be SOOOOO nice if you could do a scan and post it here, or send it by mail...

can anyone do that? I would really appreciate it :)
Yes PLEASE can someone scan this and make available to us......I live in South Africa and here as everywhere the debate has been raging for much 2 long now......with this article ill make hardcopies and distribute at the weekly breakfast runs to really PSSSS offf the Kwakker Guys:;):
Ok, here it is, minus the photos, which you have already seen above. I had to white them out to make the files fit this site's pic limits and still be big enough to read. I also cut some pages into more pieces. Just read them in the order I post them... Sorry it took me so long to check back in on this thread guys!