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here's the latest project at my house, next is to paint it i cannot take the teal anymore

i have a bamboo grove in my back yard and ive started cutting and drying it to do all sorts of projects the hardest part is the drying time it can take up to 3 yrs, but like most busa owners who can wait, so i borrowed a giant propane torch from work and tried drying some of it.... hope fully there will be more to come







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I've read that stuff is really invasive and tough to control/get rid of. Looks like you found a good use for it.


I would 'love' to have a bamboo grove in my back yard... All the tameshigiri practice one could want!

Pity the climate I live in.


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Nice job on the beds. like the wrapping. just be careful and not trip around the upright stakes.

I've read that stuff is really invasive and tough to control/get rid of. Looks like you found a good use for it.
actually it's not overly invasive if you have some good borders and use a little Roundup.

it's also quite nice for some bamboo fountains. very Zen.
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