last night


Call me Liberace!
man, went to seoul with my buddy and his girl to go see fnf5. it was a pretty sweet ride up there, considering we took his GT-R:bowdown:. anyway, we get to a meeting spot and we're waiting for one of his skyline club buddies, and what pulls up? a twin turbo R32. not a skyline, a GTi. a 600 hp, twin GT2871, awd, 3.2l V6 VW.:bowdown: being an audi mechanic, i start wigging out over the thing, so does my buddy(since he's a closet vw dork too). i end up getting to take a ride, and let me tell you, this thing would've given most of us a bit of trouble at the strip. anyway, get to the theater and a few more of his friends meet us inside. first, they all fight about who's paying for movie snacks, GTO guy (vw owner's nickname. he also has a TT mitsu GTO and a TT skyline) buys carmel popcorn and a pop for everyone.:cheerleader: another one of the skyline guys gets there, and he thought we were going to a drive in to watch fast 5 (they still have lots of those over here). so he brought fried chicken and beer.:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: head inside the theater, chicken, beer, and carmel corn in hand, get our seats, watch movie. even if you don't like the movie franchise, everything's better with chicken and beer. head outside after the movie and there's a white 4 door R34 (chicken guy), a white GTS-T with some carbon lovin (red sneaker guy), brians R32, and the v dub all parked in front of the theater:beerchug: we then head into a famliy mart to get a few drinks (the energy variety). outside, another skyline guy (nicknamed "young master") pulls up in a silvia S14.5 (s14 with an s15 front end). bigger turbo, huge intercooler, fenders held on by duct tape:laugh: caged, all done up. yes, the title "young master" referred to his drifting, and yes, i most definitely went for a ride. the ride home was rather epic as well, bearing in mind that the cops here don't chase you for speeding, they don't watch for speeding, and all the speed camera locations are built into your GPS:thumbsup:

yup, korea is OK by me. now i just have to get my wife over here...







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