Last months trip to the dragon!!!


Went to the Gap with a group of friends, was invited as an outsider during a Z1000 Meet..

First time at the the Gap, I normally just street ride, and drag race.. But I'm always up for trying new things!

Well a little back info..

I'm on a Lowered 06 Busa with mild mods.. Have went 9.70's at the strip, but never really done the twisties much..
So without any changes to my bike I did the trip.. 600 miles each way, plus 3 days of riding down there..

No problems, issues, or crashes.. That's a plus! LoL
But it wasn't the easiest bike to push in and out of all those turns!!!!

Here are a few pics!!!!


Not bad for a twistie rookie I guess!!!

Ok... Now here's the question for you fella's!

Should I make changes to my bike to make it a better handler, and switch it back and forth between twisties & drag as necessary????
Or do I buy a second bike more tailored to that style of riding and keep my Busa set-up for what it was intended???

Please be honest!!!

And if second bike is more sensable, what do you guy's recomend????

Tahnk you in advance!!!