Last min lookin for place to stay

Hey all, been little over a year since ive been on the board. Finally got everything straight in my life and now can make it back to the bash.. Im looking place for me and my busa buddy to crash for Friday and sat night. Anyone got some floor space or anything?
Can also email me
There's plenty of rooms left at the Philips, there's been a few that have pulled out so there rooms are open. Just give the Phillips a call.
me, wayne and katie are coming. also a buddy names tony and his....umm..significant...are coming also. think they are crashing in my room.


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Don't know what you all are taking about but the bash has been going on for 3 days! Been a hellva party!!
I'll be rolling in later tonight. So if anyone still need someone where to text 309-275-7972 just chip in some money towards the cost

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