last bike before the busa

1981 Kawasaki LTD KZ1000K
01 Blackbird...Hated linked brakes, wanted something a little edgier, and black...
93 Kaw zx11D wineberry color loved that bike, dropped it like a bad habit when the dealer said the Busa was ready though.
I hesitate to answer this honestly. One side says "Go ahead, be honest." The other says, "Lie, or they'll laugh at you!"

So, I'm going to regret my decision, but I'll be honest.

'85 Kawasaki KZ440. Let the razzing begin!
1987 Yamaha FZ700, now I have twice the horsepower, but I was sad to see the old girl go, had her for 6 years almost.
97 gxxr 750

hey juggler.. haha my dad has kz550.. 83 model.. pretty nice bikes really.
Juggler, my first bike was a 79 KZ400, not a bad bike. I think I paid $625 for it and sold it about 18 months later for $750 so it was a good investment.
2000 yammie 600 .... need a sturdier bike for long distance riding...not to mention that the only reason i bought it was i needed something to ride till i got the house built and could get a busa.