laser defusser

The busa is nearly radar proof if ridden properly, not like I did one stupid drunken night... but that is a different story.

I would like to see what our fellow Busa Officers would have to say on this subject.

Isn't a Defusser something you use on a 3 year old?


just a little humor to drown out all the negativity in the world today. MMmKAY?


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Unless you want to attach that piece to your helmet's visor, it will not do much good.

If you get nabbed by laser, just take it to court. It is easy enough to dismiss asking the right questions.


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I am still hoping for someone in the near future to use Black silicon, which has been proven to absorb light and sound, tht would be great.


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Cache, I hate to tell you this but here goes. "You are not invisible to laser radar guns!" Sorry I had to do that (kind of felt like Woody telling Buzz he is nothing more than a toy.) The real skinny is up to about a half mile NO PROBLEM. Been there done this so keep a watchfull eye. (Former law enforcement experience (traffic division))


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I am still hoping for someone in the near future to use Black silicon, which has been proven to absorb light and sound, tht would be great.
Silicon or Silica?

One or both of them is poisonous. Just a thought.
Silicon, my spelling may be crap but my mind still works.  

Black Silicon is silicon that has been bombarded with lasers, they have pages of new information however none on traffic laser elimination. Just light possibilities.

Black silicon: A new way to trap light
Could lead to new ways to communicate with light
Eric Mazur, Harvard College Professor and Gordon McKay Professor of Applied Physics, and his students were studying what kinds of new chemistry can occur when lasers shine on metals, like platinum. One day, they decided to put a chip of gray silicon into a vacuum chamber, add some halogen gas, and scan it with ultrashort, ultra-intense laser pulses.

Each pulse lasted a mere 100 millionths of a billionth of a second. However, the energy in a single pulse approximates focusing all the sunlight hitting Earth at one time onto a space the size of a fingernail.

After more than 500 pulses, the silicon turned black. It wasn't burned; rather, its surface had been etched by the heat and gas into a dazzling forest of billions of minute needlelike spikes. If a light is shone on such a surface, it repeatedly bounces back and forth between the spikes in a way that most of it never comes back out again.

There's the possibility that black silicon can be used for extremely fine computer and other electronic displays and for delivery of various drugs through the skin.


The Hayabusa is very slippery aerodynamically, and I read somewhere that testers had trouble getting a read on it with radar from the front. It made sense to me- the front fairing is without one flat surface, and radar works by reflection. Stealth technology works with absorbtive materials and wacko broken up shapes that skatter the "pings" that are not absorbed. It would seem that light, whether laser or incoherent, would be diffused in a similar fashion. Has anyone here been nailed with radar on a 'Busa? If a absorbtive hood were available for the nose I would buy it before my next high speed run on I-287. It would probably look ugly as sin, but wouldn't it be a gas blowing by a Smokie at 175 knowing his radar didn't see you?
I dont know about the busas shape having an effect on laser reflection but I know it is susceptable to laser. About a year ago a friend of mine was invited to do a top speed fly by on a portion of a freeway over here that was to be blocked off by the police.

As a matter of fact the invitation came from the police no less, anyways they used laser and clocked him at 176mph. He really wasnt given enough room to open it all the way up as Im sure the Busa has potential for a little more.

Power wise he had a Micron header back slip on and a powercommander 2. I live in Hawaii by the way.

Where would you mount either the K40 or the Bell Passport product anyways? Im definetely interested if its possible to mount this.
the installer says its 6by2 inches and has to be un obstructed to the ground and in front of it says a little platform to hang it under front fairing will do it.i think im gonna have it done i will post a pic when done .thanks for info fellas .also says hes gonna make it for 360 degree coverage.and k40 gaurentees it for 0ne year.just hope im only going under 90 if it fails lol.
Yeah I think thats the catch with the K40, they say theyll pay for your ticket but its only if you get caught at something like 20mph over I think, not sure.

Was gonna get one for my car last year but didnt know if it was for real or not, the idea of jamming a laser is hard to comprehend.

Let us know how it works cause Im getting one too if it does!
Here is the reply from concerning detecting motorcycles with radar and laser.

Quote. "Last year we did a motorcycle test published in American Iron, Oct 2001. The new radar and laser guns have no problem in targeting motocycles at 1/2 mile...Carl" Unquote.

That's all the info he gave, so I guess I need to find that old mag and read the article.

I read an article a couple of years ago about defeating laser in one of the car rags. They tested a new Firebird with a laser jammer. They said the car was more effective against laser with the high beams on than it was with the jammer on. The laser was only looking for the IR return. and the high beams provided more than the laser return. I ride with high beams on all day. Not sure if it works but it makes me feel a little safer.
I would try that "fight light with light" concept but I do have a firebird and the headlights are the pop up kind. When the lights are up there is actually more drag and Ive read that your fuel economy can actually suffer from just having your pop up headlights on!

Yeah so my dumbass, with a lopey cam, headers and a blower is driving around at night with only my 2 fog lights on!
Real smart huh? Like thats really gonna help my already gas guzzling car!

I wanna see if this K40 really works, I already told a friend of mine who is a solobike cop over here that I was gonna buzz him when he was working the side of the freeway!

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