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Lane splitting is a great thing in Cali. Especially at stop lights. But it is illegal here in Nevada. What states allow lane-splitting? Also, is there a way to try to get it legalized?



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I think it would be great out by you. Most places out East you would be dead. Yes we all do it including myself, but I have seen some very bad accidents. If you have enough lanes I do not see why you can not, but dangerious out here. Florida seems to work pretty well though, but not sure if it is legal there.
Not legal in the Northeast. It has it's advantages and disadvantages. Basically it is like saying to the cages, "Hey, we have bikes so we are special". I know we are, but they don't see it that way.

By the way how do you like the grey?


As you know Doc it's legal here in Cali!! I lane split all the time. But it is crazy dangerous... It's like an art, you have to know what your doing not to get killed!! There's so much to watch for and you have to have quick reflexes cuz there are alot of cager's hating on you for getting through traffic quicker than them...

I mainly split when traffic is stopped or very slow on the freeway and you really have to watch for quick lane changers. I always do it at traffic lights. Sometimes "haters" pull up close on my bike like I'm gonna slow them down or something... But one evil eye look usually backs em up..

There's alot of squids out there that split like maniacs at 80+ mph, and this is what makes the cagers hate us! It's scary and nerve racking when a bike comes flying past you inbetween cars and you're not expecting it.

Not sure how you could get it in your state, it has it's pro's and con's but worth looking into..... just my .02 turbo boy!! hee hee



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It's illegal here in VA too! And not to mention dangerous! At any speed. I saw a guy get slammed by a truck for lane splitting. The guy in the truck appearantly didn't like the bike coming up through stopped traffic so the guy in the truck quickly stuck his truck's fender in the MC's way. The MC hit the truck and bounced into another car doing about 25-30. Guy on the bike got hurt and the guy in the truck took off down the shoulder before anyone could get his tag number. I believe in "what goes around comes around." So the guy in the truck will get his due justice someday, just like this:


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Thanks guys and gal, but keep in mind, I am ONLY talking about at stop lights and I guess very very slow traffic (like if an accident happened or something). I have no interest in moving lane splitting at speeds above 15 MPH... I might just start doing it and see what happens... Who could I ask to see what the Nevada rules are?

I think it would be great out by you.  Most places out East you would be dead.  Yes we all do it including myself, but I have seen some very bad accidents.  If you have enough lanes I do not see why you can not, but dangerious out here.  Florida seems to work pretty well though, but not sure if it is legal there.
Not legal in the Sunshine State (FL). Too bad.
for some reason, I thought California was the only state in the U.S. where it's legal. Definitely not legal here in Georgia though. It would definitely help out with our stop and go traffic and at traffic lights here in Atlanta though.
I've only done it a few times here in TX. People open doors and crap here......they hate that you can get through and they cannot.

Doc.....I wouldn't do it there unless you got a CWP.

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Srad78,  Lane splitting is when you have two or more lanes of traffic and you ride between the cars going in the same direction.  Lane sharing is when you ride NEXT to cars driving in the same direction.  That, is dangerous.

I've been splitting the lane out here in SoCal for 12 years and I believe it's safer than being in stop and go traffic.  People follow too closely and they can't stop as fast as a bike so you are at greater risk of being rear ended than side-swiped by an angry driver.  I know of two drivers who have mistaken the tail light of the bike in front of them for the tail lights of the car in front of them and almost hit the bike.  I have experienced a car skidding past me because he didn't see me and I was right in front of him.  The Hurt report says it all when it states that you have a greater chance of survivability by splitting the lane.  This was brought to the attention of the California legislature and lane splitting remains legal.    

We all know drivers can't see us well enough as it is so it is imperative that you pay extreme attention when splitting the lane.  You are only allowed to go 10 mph faster than the traffic is going so if it is at a standstill, you can only go 10 mph.  If you're ready to brake hard you should be able to stop.  I've had people try to close me off too but I was going slow enough to be able to stop.  Eventually the traffic starts again and they have to give you room or they're too close to the car next to them and that makes the other car move over so you get past them.  (Adjust their mirror for them on the way by)  

If you don't feel comfortable splitting the lane, don't do it, but leave plenty of room in front of you and be ready to split it anyway when the car behind you follows too close and can't stop. I think that there are so many bikes in SoCal that split that people are used to it, and are not so suprised by it.

Doc, if you want to get it legalized in Nevada you are in for a long fight, in the legislature and you'll need proof that it is safer.
OK we call it riding the line its not prudent but sometimes nesessary due to over heating, bike and body.I had a elderly lady( f*****g old b****h) sorry about that. try to sandwich me in a bad traffic jam on the George Washinington Bridge believe me I had to change my draws, it wasn't a good idea, but when the police finaly got there the officer that observed gave her a ticket for trying to hit me.I skated.Go figure.
In florida, you can be pulled over for it. I've done it a couple of times, but unless there is a special occasion, like I have to take a major sh*t, I wont do it. I heard it's easier if you dont have your rear mirrors installed. i"d much rather sit back, and look for pretty girls, lol

Just make sure you can get to the front of the line, and make sure you look both ways before launching. Many people run yellow turning red lights, and if you launch hard as soon as it turns green, you're going to get creamed. Just fyi..


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I stand corrected, Thanks Danno.

mikeyusf, good remimder about launching when the light turns green, as far as the mirrors, I believe, let me go look... yes, they are the widest part of the bike, so if you can clear them, the rest of the bike will make it too. Sometimes it's so tight, I have the right mirror go over a car mirror and the left one goes under a truck mirror. Sloooowly.
Its illegal in NC and SC. While i do it on occassion, i'm very careful, because i've seen cagers open doors and pull there bumpers over in order to cut bikes off. ROADRAGE is a killer in this area.

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