Laguna Seca MotoGP countdown


California and Nevada many of u showin up this next weekend for the MotoGP event?....My cell number is 707-299-9157. Kento and Raydog are already declines due to previous committments....Amode and 2hip will ride and room together in Salinas. Hotel rates are frickin unbelievable...most asking 300+ a night....we will be staying in Salinas at the Laurel Inn..831-449-2474. Chuck found the room for less than 110 a night....Chuck Anderson and Alan Smith....
Let me or Amode know if u want to hook up and help us chase the Paddock girls....ha ha...


I work for SCRAMP as an EMT. Feel free to swing by any of the First Aid stations and say Hi, look for the landspeed Busa parked in front :laugh: I'll most likley be at the Trilon station, but if I'm not there ask them to get a hold of me by radio.

I'll be hitting Cannery Row for some after-parties for sure, so if anyone wants to roll out as a group hit me up.

-Dave C


I'm there, dudes. Sadly, will not be bringing the 01 Busa, since it's in several pieces getting prepped for Bonneville. Driving from Vegas Thurs with my trusty SuperHawk in tow. Friday's plan calls for epic ride from Santa Cruz, up through the redwoods to Alice's restaurant. Then continuing on up the peninsula the back way to SF for a cruise down the Embarcadero and Fisherman's Wharf, then across the Golden Gate for a little photo op. All twisties and then touristy at the end. If any orgsters want in on that little road trip let me know, we can set up a meet. It's about a 275 mile round trip. As of today it's only three of us making that run, but more are always welcome. Late friday will blast south down the freeway back to where ever everyone is staying. In my case it's Mom's house since I'm originally from the area. They live in San Martin which is near Gilroy, about 40 minutes from the track. If you've never lane split with all the moto pilgrims heading south for the race it is a sight and experience to behold: hundreds of bikes, single file, making great time while cars are stuck in bumper to bumper traffic. Good times.

This year we're fortunate to be coming as guests and supporters of Kane Freisen who will be performing stunt shows between races Sat and Sun. Would love to have a beer and meet some of you guys at Cannery Row after the races. I have no idea exactly where I'll be during the events Sat and Sun but can usually be found near the Corkscrew for the main event. I now know where to find at least one of you during the races. Well, here's my contact info:
John Ditmore


Kairles...what cell number u packin? Trying to get some of us Busaphiles together...number would help...or should I just look for the guy with the biggest swagger?:laugh:


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:( I'm bummed ... U guys better take some nice pics for us that cant go ... oh and have a cold one for me too plz :beerchug: