Lady Busa comes home.


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It was very cloudy out today but here she is.

Yeah Lazer, Looks ShwEET!!!!  

Hey man remember, Us Monochromatic Busa Pilots have to stick together...Them two tone folks are pretty ruthless...

Bike Looks Bad-Ass, How was the ride home?  What do you think of the color in person?  Anything out there you can relate it too, Car colors etc?
looks great . Might even have to go out and buy one. You know to keep the other one company. Really does look great
It's a bit darker than the photo's showed us before. I would call it a Burnt Copper/Orange. I really like it.

Had my first taunt this morning. One of those fast little trucks called a lightning was at the intersection next to me and was revving his engine. I nodded and reved back. The light turned greeen and he peeled out. LOL, I just pulled away normal laughing. It was so funny (to me anyway) and he looked like and idiot. I do that in my Mustang all the time when station wagons want to race me.

I just feel that I have nothing to proove.

Great looking bike. And a smart move to let the 'little truck" pull out. Why race a truck who doesn't have a chancce in the world of beating you, and more importantly its good to know your "ego" doesn't rule you.
That frame is pimp! Guess it will be off to the paint shop for me! Get the frame in Matte Black.

Marc "Howlin Mad"
The bike looks great, congratulations!

From the bags in the driveway, it looks like you have some landscaping to do instead of riding! Too bad!
Yard needs lots of work. LOL, I was recalled for a year to active duty in Cuba and would you beleave, no one took care of my yard?