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Does anyone have any info on how the Busa compares to Kawasaki's ZX-12?? Quarter mile times, handling, comfort, or reliability?? Or just your opinion.


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I don't know what the 2002 ZX-12Rs are like. They were supposed to have tuned them for mid-range performance this year. I'm sure they are all still running somewhere in the mid-9s with experienced racers as the previous years (although, remember that MC rags will always give largely biased numbers, favoring one over another... that's what they're paid to do).

As far as the top end goes. I have no clue as to whether the newest ZX12 is still capable of speeds near 200 when unrestricted. I have only heard a little bit about the 12's reliability. The busa has proven to me its reliability, with the daily abuse I put mine through it is still as strong and hardy as new (almost like Timex

I wish I could tell you more, but I have never owned or worked on and ridden a 12. Although I had the opportunity to have both a while back, but finances shot a hole through that dream.

I have a video that compares the two, in depth, back in 2000. Basically, it comes down to which color you like best. Both are very capable bikes. Your best bet is to cruise some 12R forums like zx-12r.org Offline and judge for yourself based on what you specifically want. Look at things like recalls, common problems, complaints, mods and such just like you see here and on . It's always hard asking these questions on brand specific boards.


Its a pretty much pick one which ever one you like best performance stock is about the same. The Busa has more aftermarket stuff available to increase its performance but the zx12 is starting to see a lot of performance items hit the market. The Busa motor can be built bigger than a 12 because of the difference in engine design. Sport rider did just the basic mods on both for comparison Pipe, Power Commander, and ignition bypass the Busa was slightly faster in the quarter mile top speed was the same. If you check back about 6mons the Sport Ride issue will give you all the details. So its about which bike you like better styling wise performance is about the same. Knebnr


Thanks for the info, I appreciate your honesty. I thought they were pretty equal from reading some of the online articles. I would like to find out more about increasing the displacement of the Busa. Thanks again!


have you guys seen the movie with the 12R and the busa?

its from england i believe, he has that sorta accent. (the moderator)

its a very very long movie. its about 18 minutse. took me 45 minutes to download..and i figure with a 56K goin about 5K/S you'll be downloading for 40 hours if i remember right lol. i figured this like a few weeks ago but that sounds right.

it may be on the 'movie' section of this site..im not sure.

does anyone need me to find a link if i can?



this movie covers everythin from acceleration, top end, wheelise, cruising, and a road course at the end LOL..after they burned up the tires lol.
dosnt make sense to me but hey whatever they want! lol

also has a 1/4 mile shoot out.

seriously they both equaled out too which one you liked better as far as styling..adn they said the 12R was more cumfy on long trips only cuz the windshield was higher.

sorry forgot to add al this to my first post lol


One place to find out about performance gains on the 12 is www.muzzys.com. Pretty complete site with dyno readings etc. Also, the November 2001 issue of Preformance Bikes (it is from the UK) did a major write up about the two bikes. Pipes and Power Commanders were put on both.

The Hayabusa had WAY more torque from 3,000 - 7,000 rpm (average 10 lb/ft more) and the 12 had 9 more HP after 9,000. Bottom line... done this way the Busa had a better mid range and the 12 had to be revved pretty high before it would pull away. They recommended the Busa because it was more comfortable and the Kwak had a gearbox that sounded like it wouldn't last


yea thats what they said at the end.
that the busa felt a lot more powerful through the midrange!
butt he 12R had 2K more revs and it tried to make up for it then.

but who wants to have to rev to 13000+ to get caught up??

ps im still searchin for the link


When you power freeks start to add nitrous and turbo's and your balls are sat 6 inch above the cylinder head, will it be a GSXR motor or a Kwak Motor? :hammerhead:

I rest my case, Pinna.


If you could scan the article that would be great, and if anyone has the link to the movie with the shootout that would also be cool. Thanks!


well i can NOT find a #### link to that thing to save my life

BUT ..i do have it on my computer at home! so what should i do? can i post it here? i mean jeesh its huge. i have never posted a video or anythin so i dont know how if i even can.

man if you could scan that article it would be sweet.

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