Koso DB03R in Hayabusa K8


Hello everybody,
I would like to ask for help with the connection of Koso speedometer.
I have an idea to connect speedometer directly to the original speedo plug of my bike.

http://kaele.com/~kashima/car/busa/GSX- ... iagram.pdf


I think it could be as follows:

Hayabusa has 16 pin connector (combination meter) and i looks as follows (po kolei):
2- Fuel
3- Oil
4- Right
5- Left
7- NT (neutral)
8- Light
9- +B
10- Data
11- Taco
12- VCC
13- Speed
15- E (-) Battery
16- (+) Battery

In Koso we have:
Orange - L turn (+12V)
Blue - R turn (+12V)
Yellow - High beam (+12v/-)
Green - Fuel
Gray - Oil (+12V/ground)
White - N gear
Purple - EOBD
RED - Positive (+)
Brown - (+) after ignition ON
Black - (-)
Temp sensor (attached in package)
Speed sensor (attached in package)
Brown/Red- RPM wire

I think it could be conncted as follows:

Orange - L turn (+12V) pin 5 (B) (hayka)
Blue - R turn (+12V) pin 4 (Lg)
Yellow - High beam (+12v/-) pin 8 (Y)
Green - Fuel pin 2 (B/Lg)
Gray - Oil (+12V/ground) pin 3 (G/Y)
White - N gear pin 7 (Bl/B)
Purple- EOBD DATA? (B/G) - I'm not sure
RED- Positive (+) (+) directly from the battery (R/BI) pin 16
Brown - (+) (+) after igniotion ON pin 9 (O/G)
Black- Negative (-) (-) pin 15 (B/W)

I have a problem with temperature sensor. I would like to use original one (ECT) . I think I can cut atteched in KOSO sensor and connect wires directly to ECT in the bike (2 wires doesn't matter which where, resistance signal,) - am I right?
Speed sensor:
In Koso I have speed sensor which I want to cut off and connect the wires as follows:
- black pin 15 (B/W)
- red pin 12 (B/R)
- white pin 13 (P)

Please let me know if everything is OK.
If not - I'm waiting for any smart oppinion.

Thanks in advance.
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