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I just wanted to post and let everyone know we all have limits and when the little birdie tells you to slow down do it because there is danger lurking around the next corner. A buddy on a new 600RR got into a corner too hot and hit the brakes, big no no, his abilities were not up to the riding he was doing. He is ok but the bike is cosmetically destroyed, he rode it home that way but it will be totalled. Just remember don't ride above your abilities. Be careful out there!!!!!!!!!
every piece of plastic will need to be replaced, we never found his speedo and tach cluster, the undertail exhaust was bouncing off of the back tire, tail light destroyed l/h side engine cover damaged pretty good. The bike can be repaired but insurance will total it, and it depends on how much they offer the buy back for but it would be a perfect track bike with some aftermarket race plastics but we will see. If I can, I might pick it up for that reason.
Sorry to hear about the accident, but glad he is ok. I just wanted to throw in an experience I had a couple months ago when a group of four of us were riding through Michigan. We were well
seperated and going maybe a little too fast going into a curve
that seemed easily doable for the speed. The damn curve kept
getting sharper as we got into it. All you could do is grit your
teeth and keep leaning. The last guy in was the least experienced and panicked - hit the brake too. He and bike were able to finish the trip, but God was looking after him because when I went in, cars were oncoming from the other direction on the outside. A little sooner and the trip would have been a tragidy. We all slowed down after that and appreicated the break we were just given. :eek:
Probably should have taken it to the track to begin with. I am glad he is OK!!! I have been down before and it sucks. Risk vs Reward out there guys! Please be safe. On some of the other boards I frequent we are averaging a death every week and a half at this point. PLEASE BE SAFE AND LOOK OUT FOR ONE ANOTHER! Sometimes being a friend means telling him/ her to slow down!

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