Kiss the busa goodby

Hi all I'm currently working in the UAE and kindly asked my dear lady at home to start the Busa so that the batt. don't go bad, guess what??? She send me a text message that she will now keep it and I must find a new one

Thats some funny chit right there!

UAE huh? Many it has been a LOOOOOOOONG time since I was there. Kind of want to go back.

Well congrats might be in order. When you get home you will be able to pick yourself up a really nice used, or beautiful brand new Busa. Even better is that you have a girl that will be riding with you on another Busa!:thumbsup:


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Yep, you should have connected the battery tender "yourself" and LOCKED THAT MUTHA' DOWN "before" you left.....SUCKERRRRRRRRR........ :oldcool:

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