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Hey Folks,

I've got a couple trips planned for the near future and want to shoot video of fast cars and bikes together on three different weekends.

I'm going to be in the Los Angeles area Oct 12-17 and will do a small event on the weekend of the 14-15th.
Next, I'll be flying into Miami on Oct. 26th and returning the 7th of Nov. I will be busy during the weekdays in the middle of this time.  I want to shoot video on the weekends of Oct. 28-29 and Nov. 4-5. I'm somewhat flexible on location. I figure I've got time to get to any point between Miami and Atlanta for either weekend - even if I have to rack up the rental car miles.

Some of you guys might be familiar with some of the video work I've done in the past.

KoS preview on Google

A Little More Action - Vegas Bash

Black Viper meets bikes

The stuff I do is pretty much a labor of love as the market is very limited. I have a web site up for the first DVD

I've filmed other things that have made the rounds where you'd have seen things like big Vipers, Vettes and Supras running against a variety of bikes.

My objective when filming is to get very high HP cars together with bikes and letting them run together to answer some of the 'what if' questions people have about the fastest vehicles on the street.

My biggest challenge is often finding owners who like running their harware to the max. Cars that are running HP figures doubling (or tripling or more!) stock output can take a lot of attention to keep running optimally, so I am always thrilled when a great car and game owner contact me.

I also like to bring out a variety of bikes to run. My usual baseline bike is a stock Hayabusa. I like having other bikes and brands attend, too, to provide a performance context. Ideally, I'd like to have a 600cc sport bike, another open class bike, a 14, anything else interesting and a monster or two (Turbo Busa, etc.).

I know a good number of people in SoCal, so setting things up there is easier for me. However, I always like getting new cars and decent camera/production people out to help out.

When we run, I keep the crew as small as possible. No spectators, please. I'd like to find some folks for my upcoming trips, specifically:

1. guys with bikes who have full protective gear and interesting machines - either stock or highly modified preferably. At least one stock Busa is a must. Street turbos are great also.

2. people who have experience holding a camera willing to come out and shoot tape for me - especially if you have your own camera. I'll provide the tape/DVD/whatever your camera requires. I also need to find someone with a Busa willing to let it be run as a camera chase bike.

3. High horsepower or exotic cars with owners willing to run them hard - repeatedly. Ideally, a minimum of 650 rear wheel horsepower would be nice. However, exotics capable of 180mph+ would also be most welcome.

4. Some kind of local host familiar with the scene in the FL/GA area. I plan on spending two weekends there and can be anywhere from Miami to Atlanta. Someone who knows the roads and local players in the bike or car scene would be perfect. I have not planned my lodging yet, so I can go anywhere I need to.

It is a friendly meeting that usually culminates in everyone sharing a nice lunch and swapping stories. Many of the guys who have come out have told me that the day we spent together was about the most fun they've had in their vehicles. Safety is the first priority, however. I don't ask anyone to do anything they are not comfortable with.

The second Kings of the Street DVD, KoS II, will be finished with shooting raw footage by mid-November. I have some ideas for future projects as well, but I'll share about that later. In the meantime, I'm excited to be capturing some quality stuff on the east coast for the first time.

So, if you'd like to participate, send me an email and give me your contact information. I'll get back to you, I promise. Please include:

your name
board handle
vehicle make model year modifications and rwhp
phone number
- I talk to everyone participating directly.

My contact email is ..... fulltilt(*at*)

If you know someone you think would be into it who has the right equipment, feel free to forward this thread for reference or give them my email.

I hope to get everything set up well ahead of time, so let me know ASAP.


Kerry Ward

skid vicious

hey kerry, you might want to post this on the 12 site as well. Offline
i'm sure there are a few people from that area that are in the know...
good luck


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dayum this sounds awesome, someone take some pics for the board.

Man these videos are fantastic!!


Oh yeah, it would be nice to hook up with a FL based amateur photographer, too. Let me know if you know anyone.


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(heavybusa @ Sep. 26 2006,09:57) dayum this sounds awesome, someone take some pics for the board.

Man these videos are fantastic!!
Hung out with Kerry and crew today. Did a couple of runs as chase bike but had technical issues with the camera mount. Then did 1 run 700+ hp vette vs my Gixxer1K.

We got some photos and I'm sure either Kerry or myself will post a small snippet. I didn't bring my cameras so I'll have to look for Kerry's material.


Ryan, thanks for coming out and joining the fun. Your bike was a whole lot faster than some people expected.

Let me know about the little gas tank ring part when you find out about it.

Glad you could join the fun. Wish we had more time to make some other runs with you.

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