Kinda nervious

So my bike as been sitting in storage for the last 11 months. Over that time I ordered a few things such as a fender eliminator, 2 12oz bottles of nitrus, chair, sprocket, and a few other misc. things. It comming out of storage tomorrow and going to the shop on wed for the instal and paint. I am most nervious about the paint. BC I have been known to hit the go fast button a few times on my old gsx-r grand. I am going to stick with the red and put a big Hayabusa loso covering the whole side faring. Not sure what if anything the painter is going to add bc I told him I was flexable. Here is the picture of the bike as is. Not much done to it but 4-2-1 exhaust and Powercommander III, grips and sliders... Lets see your custom paint jobs!


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