Kinda feel sorry for this guy...


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I check Craigslist every day. Jobs, gigs, bike stuff, computer stuff. You can find all sorts of things. I always check out the motorcycle sections for Busa items (that's where I found my LE).

I sort of feel sorry for this guy.
He's been trying to sell this Busa for over a year.
I say "sort of" because I think it's way overpriced and, no offense to the owner if he's a member, but I'm really not feeling the paint job. Plus, Mat Mladin was an AMA legend but I don't think his signature on a Busa is worth an additional $2000. Got some nice mods but after a year of no bites you'd think he'd rethink the price a bit.

Selling my Bike 2002 Hayabusa very nice Cond GSX-R1300
Maybe he just doesn't really need to sell it? I have a lot of stuff sitting around I don't really need to keep, but don't really need to sell either. Since Craiglist is free, there's nothing lost in asking an above market price.
ok looking bike I wouldnt pay more then 6k for an 2002 no matter what it looked like
Well don't feel to sorry. I don't think he really wants to sell the bike.
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Ive been looking at this bike also over a year and was thinking the same thing, its way over priced for what around