Killed a Porsche last night

Went out riding last night and on the way home, passed a newer 911Carrera TT. It had some killer race wheels, fullcage w/harnesses, ceramic brakes, and a different LOUD exhaust. He didn't want to roll on on the highway, but when we got off and came to the first light, it was on! We rolled on from about 10mph cause he was still a little behind me from the light. I immediatly went into a 2 foot wheelie and stayed in it til about 90ish when I came down. I looked back and he was about 4 car lengths behind me. We get to another light and he's just shaking his head and says, "damn that thing is fast"
Another one bites the dust...........
(Projekt @ Sep. 16 2006,13:06) He must have had some speed to be only four car lengths behind.... Much respect to him for being able to hold on so well.
I believe it may have been AWD but i'm not sure. It was a pseudo roll on so he didn't have to know how to launch, just pin it and stare at my shrinking tail lights.

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