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I'll try to be brief, as I am starving to death awaiting my woman to make dinner. We just got home from the Dragway where it is 2-WHEEL TUESDAYS.(motorcycles) A few friends have been tellin me to go watch these bikes race. I gotta tell ya, I fell in LOVE with the Busa even more. WOW! The Busas and the Gixxers pretty much dominated thee track. I was happy to see all of the Suzuks, made me feel proud to own 1. I am hoping my hearing returns as some of the bikes were loud as Heck. I wanted to get my bike out on the track, but the woman said "not tonite". Just as well, I didnt have a helmet or the proper gear. I am 1 of those riders who ride wearing shorts, without a helmet. I know its stupid, but it keeps me from wanting to speed/race. I abide ALL traffice laws?speeds when wearing my squid gear. Anyway, as I was leaving I pulled-up to another Busa rider and found that he too is on the Org. COOL! another Org. member. I forgot his screen name cause it was a long ride home and I have alot of things on my mind with my woman recently losing her job. Sorry I forgot your name. I am going to make an earnest effort to be at the rest of the 2-wheel Tuesdays and cheer-on ALL the Busa Owners/ racers. Maybe someday the woman will let me run on the track. SORRY, I DONT HAVE PICS. I didnt think to grab camera, and I left work to go to races(so nowhere to keep camera. Thank you to ALL the Busa owners/racers for instilling in me my passion for the Busas.


Kil Kare is a great place! Let me know if you want to go in September. I am from Miamisburg and would love to go for a ride when I am home!

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