Kickstand failure ?


This one is different from what Im used to. Last night was working on bike when it leaned and the stand retracted. Luckily I was on the right side of it and caught it trashing my hand instead of the bike ! On all my Harleys the stand locked when you put weight on it yet this one doesnt seem to have any feature like that. Am I missing something or is my bike not right ? Ill be using my sport chock from now on for all maintenance ! Thanks in advance .
I leave the bike in first gear push it ahead till it stops the put the stand down. That way it can't roll and let the stand fold up and drop the bike. I learned the hard way about this with my V Max... I did the same thing but I was not near the bike to catch it like you were. The bike was running on a very slight hill and it rolled forward and up went the stand and down she went....
If this is the stock kick stand might I suggest you mod it. There use to be pictures of the mod on this site. In a nut shell you simply grind out a tiny amount of the casting on the fwd side of the kickstand (sort of near a small tab). Should prevent this from happening again..................
I personally never leave the bike on the side stand. When she is home she is on the rear stand. Easier to work with and she is more stable.

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Mine fell over too when I went to get my helmet for a ride I have heard of alot of peoples falling over Do the Mod it will save you big bucks I use rear stand now but I have done mod just in case
Thanks for the replies guys Ill look for the mod and will continue to use my sport chock at home .
I always park it in 1st and pull the bike backwards on the kickstand is down to make sure it is properly engaged. I don't leave it running unless i'm sitting on it (in most cases)
THE KICKSTAND MOD. Take a dremel and make a small grind on the front edge of the kickstand to allow it to travel further. Doesnt take much. See photo.


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Yeah i solved that problem by buying the optional Center stand for the bike yeah i know it may take away from the looks some but i like seeing my bike seting upright when i park it somewhere espcially when it's a hot day and you might be parking in a asphault parking lot rather have my bike sink down straight then slightly over and then possibly fall while i'm inside haveing a burger and a soda

well thats just my .02 cents worth
thats why I carry a small plastic kick stand plate, bout 3 inch round plastic to avoid sinking. Keeps chrome nice toooo.