Kick Stand sensor and FI injector codes...?


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would the Kick Stand sensor effect the computer to throw FI codes?

my bike showed all 4 injector codes.

as posted in another thread my bike hits a wall, FI light blinks, then a short while later shuts down. when i go to restart it takes a few tries. i noticed when i move/activate the kickstand/sensor the bike starts up. then it starts all over again.

i noticed there is no code for the kick stand sensor on this list.

c00 none
c12 crankshaft positions sensor, pickup coil signal, signal generator
c13 intake air pressure sensor #2, for front cylinder
c14 throttle position sensor
c15 engine coolant temp sensor
c17 intake air pressure sensor #1 for rear cylinder
c21 intake air temp sensor
c23 tip over sensor
c24 ignition signal, coil #1 for rear cylinder
c25 ignition signal, coil #2 for front cylinder
c28 secondary throttle valve actuator
c29 secondary throttle valve position sensor
c31 gear position signal switch
c32 injector signal #1 for rear cylinder
c33 injector signal #2 for front cylinder
c41 fuel pump control system, fuel pump, fuel pump relay
c42 ignition switch signal, anti theft
c44 heated oxygen sensor
c49 pair control solenoid valve

put a wire across the switch and see if that fixes it just bypassing it if so then bad kickstand switch, also do you have an alarm on it if so what kind
There is no kickstand code because the ECU assumes that it always works correctly. To phrase it differently, the ECU is not able to tell if the switch is failing. Kickstand up - the switch opens the circuit, kickstand down - the switch closes the circuit (or the other way around, but I wouldn't design it the other way around because if you ride with the circuit closed and there is a intermittent connection in the switch, the ECU would be shutting the engine off every time the connection is disrupted). The ECU takes it as a given and acts upon it (e.g. putting a kickstand down shuts the engine off if you happen to be in gear).

I'd say try disconnecting the switch (i.e. bypass by whatever meand is easier) and ride like that for a while. Of course, make sure the kickstand is always up when you take off, and even when you start the bike. On the other hand, I don't think a faulty kickstand switch would produce any FI codes.

The only common thing all injectors have is the ground. So, I am guessing if the ground wire has bad connection in one of the connectors, that would do it. Lift the tank, open all connectors under it and inspect with a flashlight. The connectors are made very well and under normal circumstances would not disrupt any circuits. So, something is up.
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I chased the injector code every time I went to the track for six months. I put a connector on both wires near the kick stand jumping them together and I never got a FI light again!
I chased the injector code every time I went to the track for six months. I put a connector on both wires near the kick stand jumping them together and I never got a FI light again!

did your bike have the same symptoms as my bike? flashing FI, all 4 injector codes, and shut down?

and thank you ALL for trying to help.
the connectors looked good under the tank. going to look at the injector connectors tomorrow too.

Here is another simple thing you could try in order to locate a source of presumably bad connection somewhere. Put the bike on the rear stand, take the left panel out, lift the tank, start her up, lift the kickstand and switch into gear. Then while the bike is running in gear try touching and pulling different wires. You might find the culprit. While you are at it, push down lightly on the kickstand a few times. Moving down just a little, like 1/2" should not kill the engine.
i think i solved the issue thanks to you guys. put the bike on the rear stand and decided to check the kickstand first. found it to be wearing at the swivel point. which in turn offset the contact point at the kickstand sensor enough to shut the bike down when i tapped the kickstand while i had the bike in first. i bent the little arm that pushes the sensor in to compensate for the wear.

i took two pics of the kickstand mounted to show the play the wear made. i didn't move the camera but moved the kickstand in the same position to show the play. check out all the wear on the parts.

i did have the kickstand mod done, ANNND later had the bike RAISED an inch in the rear adding more of an angle and stress when parked...hmm...

BUT, i also think the kickstand springs have something to do with the wear. seams the wear is at the angle that only the pull from the springs can achieve.

test ride later, or tomorrow. wish me luck.






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I'm french si m'y english not vert well.

I'm issue to my gen2 2008. When i'm push c mode drive (only c mode) i've code fi 28. I'm already tested secondary throttle ans not problèmes détecter.
But c drive mode work fine . i'm didn't know where is the problem. I ve just fi light and code 28 appear.
If you have an idéal?
Km 28000

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