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On my way back from running the Tiger Highway I saw an import camper style van in an odd lane position. I zero in on the driver and notice he has fixated on my headlight. As we all know you tend to drive when you look. I also noticed he was not blinking. As his tire crosses the double yellow line I realize I need to leave this particular piece of road. I have practiced the swerve maneuver in anticipation of just such an occasion. I was able to go ride the fog line and avoid getting hit. I look in my rearview mirror and see he has taken almost 3/4 of my lane before he gets stabilized. I am just glad there was no one behind me to get hit. I do not have bluetooth so I was not able to call in what I beilve to be a drunk driver. He had a lot of the traites put that is for another post.

Fastforward two days later. I work as a Detention Deputy as was working a housing unit that did not include the booking area. At 8:30 in the morning a local agency brings in a DUI. As it would happen I need somthing out of the booking area. As I walk though I see the Officer escorting him to a holding cell. I am 99% sure that was the same guy who almost cliped me two days prior. After all you do tend to remimber faces that are about an arms lenght away when you are doing 65 mph.

Turns out the Officer noticed him in a store parking lot at observed a near accident while trying to stop the vehicle.

Come to find out he was living in the van he almost hit me with and lived within 5 miles of the place he almost hit me.

The traffic stop happened at 7:30 and when he arrived at the jail at 8:30 he still blew over a 0.2 BAC!!

Just goes to show you that idiot that almost hits you will continue to do stupid things until cought. So next time you say, "Where is a Cop when I need him?" Know he will get cought down the road, and hopefully befor some one is hurt.

I know pics are comming of the Tiger Run.


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Good thing you anticipated it, and were ready. Nice to affirm that justice is sometimes served too :).
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