Just wondering!


Hmmmm i get back from Iraq around the 18th of August and im gonna wanna do some riding and the people here don't like to ride but around town! which isn't bad but i wanna take this bike places! I went to hocking hills a few years back but i had a 954RR then i wasn't blessed with my 06' Busa just yet!
you want to head down to the dayton area to ride in early september? I think the wife and I are going to be up that way on our block leave road trip.


Im sure i could swing that. beings that i won't have a job as soon as i get back. I would be more than happy to go riding!
I get home around the 15th or so... we might run into each other in kuwaitt look for the choaking chicken patch! and if you ever want to head down to knox I am always up for riding!


Perfect and any time someone wants to head up north. I got a room and a few bikers to go riding with. And if it is still warm out side in Sandusky Ohio there is a place called Cedar Point we can go. It is (IMO) the best amusment park out there!.
not sure about that one its good but i think kings island has it beat! but maybe bc i am from down in the southern part... the wife has family up ther around canal fulton and willard so i will be up there in september with the bike (just found out hahah)


Nice. when you want i will send you my cell number and you can call. And if you get bored goggle Cedar Point you will see it has the most, fastest, tallest and has broken so many amusment records! It is an awsome place puts kings island to shame been to both so i know!

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