Just took delivery

Hey Guys,

I am happy to say that i just took delivery of my Bking and its silver and grey.I am very happy and cant wait to see what this bikes got after its first service.
I got it for 9K out the door hope that was a nice deal.
Until next time chaoo...

sorry i posted this in the general discussion first.
I think you got a great deal, I got almost the same type of deal when I bought mine!! It was for around the same amount!! It was a brand new 2008 B-King!! Man I love the bike.
I bought my B-King in January 2008 Silver and Black- I've kept it stock except for the TRE (Timing retarder eliminator) and 9,000 miles into riding it and it only gets better and wilder if you dare ride it. Be sure to hold on, cause it will blow you off.
Ride Safe Ride Fast

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