Just took delivery

Hey Guys,

I am happy to say that i just took delivery of my Bking and its silver and grey.I am very happy and cant wait to see what this bikes got after its first service.
I got it for 9K out the door hope that was a nice deal.
Until next time chaoo...
I have owned many big bikes
(including Blackbird, ZZR11, ZZR12, Huyabusa)
and the B-King is my absolute favourite by FAR !!!!!!!!!!!!.
It will spoil you for any other ride.
I took my twelve year old son to see Transformers II yesterday and can you believe it there was a B-King in the movie.
Now we are fast and famous :thumbsup!
You are going to LOVE this bike.
South Africa
BK Money you are going to fall deeper and deeper in love with this bike. I had Two Brothers pipes fitted yesterday and am collecting my baby this morning. I LOVE my
B-King. Will post new pictures tomorrow. Again congratulations.
Good deal,
I pick up mine on friday. It is used with 1900 miles and has Devil exhaust and a aftermarket tail light.
It also comes with a set of soft bags (Cortech I think?)

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