Just thought I'd say U.K hi to all busa riders wherever you may be


Hi. New to the whole busa world. It came yesterday (07, black, standard, will post pic as soon as it stops raining.....2 weeks, a U.K norm I'm afraid) took it out for the first time today....oh my.
welcome.......its in this weather that you really appreciate how easy the busa is to ride and how well the engine works from low revs that would stall almost any other engine.
Before my 3 month old awoke mid typing the above, I was actually going to type just what you said, I was quite amazed how "tame" it is when you want it to be, came from an r1 (had it a week, didn't like it...too twitchy, bought an 1100 bobber, sold it, not old enough yet ??? and was pretty boring) but the busa? smooth as butter, throttle response on it is ridiculous though, thinking I need to give it more revs than I actually do but barely need to touch it, but fully aware of what happens if I do. Great bike. Great to be here.
+100 on the fastest color; welcome to the madness...
Pictures, Pictures, Pictures...enjoy the ride and let's get those modifications going.
Welcome to the ORG

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Welcome. We are having UK weather here as well. Rain, rain, and more rain. Welcome to the org!